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Hello, I am looking for an agent to help me rent and manage my condo. This is for a long term rental. Thanks
4 replies
Last reply about 3 hours ago
Snezana Popovic Thanks so much. Just what I needed. Good to hear from you.
Steven A. Chayer Sergy Petrov is a longtime Seattle property manager. I'm not sure he does single residences but he might be able to recommend someone to you. He is a great guy. Yalnes, Inc. Office hours: Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm (closed on major holidays) (206) 708-7777 - office Mailing Address: PO Box 99773 Seattle, WA 98139 PHYSICAL ADDRESS: 3214 W McGraw St, Suite 314 Seattle, WA 98199
Snezana Popovic Thank you!
I need an exterior house painter, who's willing to come to Mt Baker. Tips please?
4 replies
Last reply about 2 hours ago
Joli Mosier 365 Painting Solutions is a fantastic paint company!! I’ve email intro’d you 🤗
Steven A. Chayer Queen Anne will travel to your neighborhood and they are an excellent long-time Seattle painting firm. I was in the business for 40 years and I respected the work they did.
Carolyn Gracz We used Very reasonably priced, attentive and professional. It’s been about 5 years and the paint job is holding up great.
Hi there- Good news, my Kaiser Permanente doc prescribed massage . . bad news, I'm having trouble finding North Seattle or First Hill located thera...
2 replies
Last reply 2 days ago
Stephanie Pederson Do you have Kaiser PPO insurance or HMO? (The HMO one usually is something like Kaiser Core.) Depending on the type, different folks will be providers for the ins. I am more familiar with Tacoma LMPs, but can check with the ones in your area I know and love.
Meredith Fife Hi Vanessa, I know that Flourish Chiropractic Spa accepts Kaiser "first-choice". They are also accepting new clients!
Looking for a non toxic carpet cleaner.
3 replies
Last reply 7 days ago
Liz Pearce My friend @KaraM's company likes Emmanuel's!
Adam Doppelt I'd try Pure Clean. People love 'em and being non-toxic is a big part of their message.
Kristy Royce thanks
I'm looking for a tutor to help with high school test prep this fall and would love a recommendation.
1 reply
Last reply 10 days ago
Alicia Nakamoto Northwest Educational Services- St. Anne's dad runs and a lot of the kids have gone through their HS prep tutoring. Greg Smith. We used and got into school of choice :)

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