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Mercer Island

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Michele Mehl
about 8 hours ago • Bothell
Looking for a trusted cranial sacral professional in the Woodinville/Bothell/Kirkland area. Suggestions welcomed!
1 reply
about 7 hours ago
Melinda Lane Robert Regan-Hughes at Metta Therapeutic Massage is in Kirkland and very well reputed. I haven’t been to see him myself because that’s a long drive for me but he’s been doing it a long time and I know several people who think he’s absolutely wonderful!
Erin McDonald
3 days ago • Pinehurst
We have a 1943 house and NONE of the doors close properly :( We have got a few quotes that seem way high. Hoping for a new front door with a storm ...
4 replies
2 days ago
Anthony Bontrager I don't have a recommendation per se, but just had a French and double entry door install done (or still waiting to be done) by Home Depot and I would recommend NOT using them. Terrible mfg. partners and installation vendors. Just a PSA for the community.
Amy Woidtke Declan at D Noble Construction could do this. They are fantastic craftsmen. Tell him I sent you!
Robin Warren Homeworks by Kelly is a good option for smaller projects like this.
Kristen Cole
3 days ago • Central District
My mom just moved here and needs a whole new set of medical professionals. Looking for a doctor, cardiologist and dentist that are great with 77+ y...
2 replies
3 days ago
Liz Pearce @LCM (fellow Cap Hill mom) could be a great option for a physician - I know she has a lot of senior patients. (Linda, correct me if I'm wrong :)
Liz Pearce Also @sdossick just recommended a dentist this morning (Dr. Richard Stickney) that sounds great!
MaryHeather Lines
3 days ago • Kirkland
Does anyone know a travel agent that does Private Jet Charters? Or a private jet company with a fairly large fleet in Seattle area?
2 replies
3 days ago
Devon Burns TCS World Travel is based in Seattle, they can create custom travel itineraries with private jet charters.
Paula Jan Tawney Hi, Madison is one of my connections on LinkedIn. Maddison Gerhardt 310.205.8959. Netjets has a hub at Boeing Field, and I have flown with them and they are a good company.
Amy Pennington
4 days ago • Queen Anne
HI! Does anyone know of anyone that is experienced with litigation regarding mold? Looking for consultation and potential representation wherein a ...
6 replies
3 days ago
Amy Pennington Yeah, tried them - THANK YOU
Nathan Hoerschelmann Amy, I’m happy to talk with you as well, if interested. All the best.
Amy Pennington I will reach out, Nathan - THANK YOU

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