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Nathan Kriege

Founder of Fresh Chalk and happy South Austin homeowner.
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Channellock Ratcheting Screwdriver
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Chromecast (3rd Gen)
Streaming Media Player
I'm a bit of a luddite when it comes to AV equipment. I don't spend a lot of time in front of the TV, and the idea of investing in a smart TV is distasteful. I don't have cable, though, so when I do watch something I'm streaming from one of a half dozen services. Chromecast was the perfect answer for me. For only $30, I can stream from Netflix, Amazon, Youtube, Hulu, etc to my old school TV. I'm even more in love with my Chromecast Audio, which I use to stream Spotify to speakers in a few different rooms of the house. My kids and I use this constantly. Sadly, though, they discontinued the product, so I can't recommend it anymore.
Das Keyboard 4 Professional
I upgraded from the mac magic keyboard to a DAS about a year ago. It was well worth the investment. The crisp feel of the keys is so much nicer than the mushy mac, and I experience much less hand fatigue and wrist pain. I have the DAS 4 Professional. I went with the brown "tactile" switches rather than the blue "clicky" switches so that I wouldn't drive my family crazy, but even without the clicks it still has a very nice, precise response.
Kindle Paperwhite
For years, I resisted the urge to buy an e-reader. One by one, I saw my friends and family embrace them, but I was attached to the tactile experience of old fashioned books. When I started doing a lot of traveling for work, I reluctantly ordered a Kindle just to reduce the weight of my carry on. I've never looked back. The convenience of carrying my entire library in my pocket is enough to keep me hooked. But the fact that I can buy a book (or check one out from the library!) and instantly start reading has completely changed the way I select books.
Nissan Leaf
I'm not a car guy at all, but I do care about my carbon footprint. We got by as a one car family for years, relying heavily on bicycles and public transportation, and using car2go or uber to fill in the gaps. When that became impractical, we decided to go electric for our second car. After a ton of research, we narrowed in on the 2015 Nissan Leaf. We didn't want to pay for a new car, and the 2015 battery upgrade made this a good option for our lifestyle. I was able to find a good selection of Leafs for sale online, so I geeked out and built a massive spreadsheet. I found that carvana had by far the best selection. We kept an eye on inventory for a couple of months and then grabbed one with low milage for a good price. This has turned out to be a great fit for us. It wouldn't work as our only car, but it compliments our old mazda perfectly. We still use the mazda for long road trips, which we take frequently, but the leaf handles most of our day-to-day driving. The battery claims to have an 80-mile range, but we can't really go beyond 60. That's usually plenty for us, though. For fun, I've been keeping track of our milage since we bought the leaf. 60% of our total miles have been electric. On months without road trips, we're typically over 80%.
Ohuhu Telescopic Ladder
I never thought I would get excited about a ladder until I came across this one. It's 12.5 feet high when fully extended, but collapses down to just three feet. This makes it very easy to store and transport. It easily fits into the trunk of our car, I can carry it around without crashing into things, and I don't have to get nervous bringing it into the house.






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Nathan's Conversations

Nathan Kriege
about 1 month ago • Travis Heights
Sad to say goodbye to a local institution that's been a pillar of the Austin cycling community for 35 years. Owners Hill Abell and Laura Agnew just...
Kenji Sazanami
7 months ago • Wallingford
Doesn't necessarily have to be specialists, but there's a few levels involved.
Matt Shobe
8 months ago • Mercer Island
Our ten-year old house was apparently shingled with asphalt sections that are too small for a shallow-pitched section of our roof. The result is ra...
Josh Barnard
9 months ago • Capitol Hill
I have a pretty large rear deck made of real wood. It's starting to need paint pretty badly, but also needs some minore pairs (a couple of boards a...
Nathan Kriege
about 1 year ago • Travis Heights
The deck on our rental house in Seattle collapsed underneath our tenants as they were toasting in the new year. Luckily nobody was hurt, but now we...
Ajay Waghray
over 1 year ago • Crestview
Does anyone have a great accountant that they use in Austin? Want one that I pay on a rate basis, NOT one that makes a commission from products or ...
Meredith Fife
over 1 year ago • Auburn
I am looking for a reliable jeweler in the downtown Seattle area, preferably someone local.
Snezana Popovic
over 1 year ago • Maple Leaf
Hello, I am looking for an agent to help me rent and manage my condo. This is for a long term rental. Thanks
Michelle Goldberg
over 1 year ago • Leschi
I am looking for a woodworker who can take an old snow ski and cut it to make a picture frame.
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