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5 months ago
I really like my paper-white. I love reading but I am constantly on the go and it's pain to bring my book everywhere. I can easily take my Kindle with me on the go.
8 months ago
Great for someone who doesn’t want to store a lot of books but also doesn’t like to read on an actual screen!
8 months ago
Mine is backlit, which I love for reading in the dark on car rides and in bed. They're really light and comfortable to hold, and I like being able to see my progress in a book. The older versions sell on Ebay for like $30 and are just as good as the newer ones!
8 months ago
I love my Kindle Paperwhite. It fits so easily in my bag, so I can carry whatever I am reading around with me all the time without worrying about damaging the book or adding a bunch of weight to what I am carrying. It is easy on my eyes to look at. It is super easy to stick my e-book from the library on it. I pretty much always have it with me!
12 months ago
While I love paper books, sometimes you need something more specific. I absolutely adore reading on my Kindle Paperwhite. It's light, had adjustable backlighting and the new waterproof feature means I can take it anywhere without worry. I love that's it's small enough to toss in my purse for my bus trips, and light enough I can read in bed without hurting myself when I inevitably fall asleep and drop it on my face. The battery lasts forever too which means I am never without my book. I have the ad-supported version and wouldn't hesitate to buy it again. The ads are very unobtrusive and I never even notice them.
12 months ago
I bought this 5 years ago and not use it very often, BUT I recently go minimalism so I decided to not buy paper text-heavy books and use Kindle instead. This is really working. It's small so you don't feel this is a burden to carry or read. You can basically find every book you want on Amazon and read it on kindle. I really like their vocabulary checker feature since I'm not native speaker. Now I use it 7 days per week and I found myself re-love reading now!
12 months ago
For years, I resisted the urge to buy an e-reader. One by one, I saw my friends and family embrace them, but I was attached to the tactile experience of old fashioned books. When I started doing a lot of traveling for work, I reluctantly ordered a Kindle just to reduce the weight of my carry on. I've never looked back. The convenience of carrying my entire library in my pocket is enough to keep me hooked. But the fact that I can buy a book (or check one out from the library!) and instantly start reading has completely changed the way I select books.
recommended by Katie Taylor
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