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over 1 year ago
Really fun clue/match game - can be played with 3 people but much better with 4+ so there are two teams.
almost 2 years ago
I love the original Codenames but haven't played any of the variants (Disney, etc.). However, we do play Codenames Duet, which is the cooperative version for two players. It lacks the tension of the team version, but when you need a Codenames fix and there's just two of you, it's a good substitute.

I would say that to get the maximum out of playing, try to remove as much potential as possible for hints and influencing the guesser. We will sometimes have the spymasters turn around after providing clues so they can't give anything away to the guessers by facial expressions, etc.
almost 2 years ago
This game is a ton of fun! I especially enjoy playing it with co-workers and getting frustrated when they can't read my mind...
Liz Pearce Online version is great, too - almost easier to play virtually than with the physical version (and it's free!)
  • almost 2 years ago
Shannon Garbaccio My family LOVES this game!!
  • almost 2 years ago
Emily Midgley Adding this to my list!
  • almost 2 years ago
almost 2 years ago
One of my top games I love to play.
about 2 years ago
Best game ever? Maybe! I love word games: Bananagrams, Scattergories, Scrabble, etc. And this might take the cake. Recently played with a ten year old and they asked to play again and again. I don't think there is anyone that my very large family has pulled into playing Codenames that hasn't ended up buying their own soon after.
Victoria Grinde I would agree with you. We randomly bought this game and I have never regretted it!
  • almost 2 years ago
about 2 years ago
This is one of the best games around and you can also play this virtually now!

Once Mox Boarding house is safely open you can also go there in Seattle and Bellevue & Ballard and also Portland. To try this game out and many others, for free!
about 2 years ago
Surprisingly fun word-guessing game! It's not hard to understand the rules and it's so interesting when you trying to guess what's the world the spymaster is trying to hint at you. I have so many LOL memories related to this game. You will never know what crazy hints your spymaster will give you until you play this game! Enjoy this guessing and ambiguous process!
about 2 years ago
This is an incredibly fun game that can be played with everyone. My wife, who hates games, even likes it. The game goes quick so you can play as many rounds as your group is up for.
over 2 years ago
Really fun word-association game! Basically, you need to give a one-word clue and the number of words that the clue is for (for ex, 3 ANIMAL) and your partner has to guess which words you're trying to associate from the board. You can tell really quickly who's on the same wavelength and who isn't!


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