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about 2 years ago
Great local, organic produce as well as TONS of locally-sourced goods that you can feel GREAT about! :D
over 2 years ago
I visit the Aurora, CO location weekly! They have a section with a bunch of ready-to-eat items and the Crunchy Veggie Wrap is the best!!! Also love their vegetarian spring roles!
over 2 years ago
Love all the vegan and dairy free options they have to offer!
over 2 years ago
Natural Grocers offers organic and locally grown foods. They're all about supporting small businesses and their community. If you're into composting, you can even compost there, ask for some of their compost, or ask them for produce scraps which is an amazing convenience if you have reptiles or other veggie and fruit eating animals!
Elissa Tompkins Love natural grocers! I also really like Alfalfa’s for the same reason!
  • over 2 years ago
recommended by JoAnn Collins