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Ambyr Jansen

I'm a Colorado native, I love my animals, going outside, and being social in my communities! I'm always looking for and willing to lend recommendations for art, animals, health, and kids as I work with kiddos daily in my career!
Joined 18 days ago

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Ambyr Jansen
29 minutes ago • Commerce City
Helloooo, I'm looking for an organic shampoo and conditioner that is hydrating for curly and thick hair but not toooo hydrating. I love pacifica bu...
Kristy Morrison
5 days ago • Seattle
I've had a couple garmin's, and even a fitbit once and loved them. But I find myself working out at home more (rather than in the pool/gym/outdoors...
Ambyr Jansen
8 days ago • Commerce City
Hi everyone! I'm looking for a place to go for haircuts but y'all... I'm PICKY. I have thick and curly hair- It's always cut into a short A-line bo...
Ambyr Jansen
8 days ago • Commerce City
Okay, so last time I posted asking about a specific bottle, this time I want a general recommendation! I need a big water bottle! Like big big. I n...
Ambyr Jansen
15 days ago • Commerce City
Hi everyone! So I've seen this add on facebook and I've seen a couple people with one. I'm a big water drinker but I like it to stay cold! I don't ...
Ambyr Jansen
15 days ago • Commerce City
I'm hoping to find a recommendation for an exotic vets office. I have reptiles, amphibians, small animals, and your normal dog and cats so a vet th...
Mandi Pacer
17 days ago • Denver
Ready to exchange my Fabuloso and Pine Sol for something more earth-friendly! Have you used Grove or other subscription cleaning products? Tell me ...
Molly Pearcy
18 days ago • Carmel
My daughter has sensitive, dry skin and this winter it has been worse then normal. Can anyone recommend a good body wash and lotion for dry, sensit...
Ambyr Jansen
18 days ago • Commerce City
I'm looking for recommendations for pet insurance! One that covers emergencies and check ups + vaccinations would be really helpful. I have dogs, c...
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