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over 2 years ago
We got a Eufy after having a Roomba for a while. We like the Eufy a lot more and it is not nearly as expensive.
almost 3 years ago
After scanning the reviews, it became clear that the Eufy was significantly cheaper than Roomba but had several advantages. Just the kind of purchase that appeals to me.

The Eufy wanders randomly around the house, digging into corners and under cabinets. Unlike the Roomba, it makes no attempt to build a "map" of your furniture. It just zips around haphazardly, using sensors to avoid stairs and furniture. It works shockingly well. The vacuuming is effective and it seems perfectly capable of cleaning our entire house. After an hour or two the battery runs low and it slinks back to its charging cradle.

As vacuums go it's pretty quiet. The chamber is easy to empty and the parts are holding up well. If you are thinking of getting a robovac, definitely get a Eufy!
recommended by Romer Garcia