The best vacuum cleaners of 2023

Victoria Grinde - We love our Roombas! Yes we have more than one ... one for upstairs and one for the main level. We have tried other robot vacuum brands, but the Roomba seems to work the best as far as helping clean with two kids and dogs.
Elissa Tompkins - We have so much wood flooring in our house that we need all the extra help we can get! This thing is one of my best purchases.
Amy Posner Wolff - I've had my Roomba Pet Series for years and the battery dies a while ago. I finally purchased a new battery and we are good to go! I forgot how awesome it is to come home to a vacuumed house!
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Victoria Grinde - WE LOVE THIS VACUUM! Between two dogs, two kids, and a husband, this handheld vac has been the only one that seems to be able to keep up with the chaos. It isn't heavy! picks up pretty much everything. The dog hair is my biggest issue and this vac does great picking it up off the floor, stairs, c...
Elissa Tompkins - This little vacuum is so handy. With have 4 kids and two dogs so we are constantly vacuuming and I like not having to get a big vacuum out every time
Amy Posner Wolff - My family loves this vacuum. The attachments make it easy to transition form the floor, to stairs to the car. As my daughter says, "It's so rewarding to empty out the bin" after each lap of the house. Find a Bed Bath and Beyond coupon to bring down the price.
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Molly Pearcy - The Bissell Crosswave is my go to for a quick clean up. Perfect for spot cleaning or cleaning the whole kitchen the Bissell gets the job done. Picks up dog fur, grass, dust and dirt while mopping up any spills or spots on the floor. Great for when there is a spill and I don't want to break out th...
Natasha Willis - I just picked this up this weekend and it's a life changing product. So glad I splurged a little.
Kali Thompson - really good at picking up hair!
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Emily Midgley - Our first Dyson lasted 12+ years so when it came time to replace it, we researched other Dyson models. We settled on the Dyson Ball Animal 2 based on reviews. Its easy to use on our carpet and stairs. We love the high reach wand and the multi-tool is perfect for cleaning under the couch cushions....
Molly Pearcy - We have had the Dyson Ball Animal 2 for three years and we have been very happy with it. We have a large chocolate lab and white carpet so a vacuum that can keep up with her shedding is a must. The Dyson Ball Animal 2 does an exceptional job getting all her fur off the carpet. It maneuvers very e...
Carly Canter - Best Vacuum around! We have had ours for well over 9 years now. Buying the replacement parts from Dyson is the major money saver.
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Ella I, Valerie Magoun and 1 other
Allison H - I’ve had my Miele for years and love it!
Susan Stocker - They are the best of the best :) The Pet Care one is amazing and even has a power upholstery tool, which is great for grabbing cat / dog hair from sofas, etc. It is lovely! You can get a HEPA filter or charcoal filter for odor control. The vacuum bag seals shut after each use, keeping smells insi...
Arsen Balayan - It's considered one of the best for a reason, the one time when something that sucks, isn't a bad thing.
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Ana Williams, Tricia Spach and 1 other
Carol Mullins - We were looking for a vacuum that handled dog fur and this does the job. Never looses suction and easy to empty. The only drawback is the Lift away can be somewhat awkward.
Jeff Mullins - We have two Shepard-Labs, do you know pet fur is a challenge. This vacuum does the job, the lift away canister makes it easy to clean cars snd the swivel base makes it easy to maneuver.
Morgan Keith - Perfect if you have pets
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Zoe Gregorace - I've had this vacuum for over 2 years now and it gets the job done! Comes with different attachment nozzles to get those hard to reach places and has lights to help guide you along any surface you're cleaning!
Sally Peter - I actually got to test this before it went to market and loved it so much I saved the money I made from testing so I could buy it when it came out. This vacuum is great if you have stairs, or if you have a bad back.
Susan Smith - this looks great
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Julie Joyce - We have the Shark Professional and I think it works well for stairs. The canister lifts away from the base, so you aren’t lugging the whole thing up and down the stairs. It also comes with a pet hair attachment and the hose detaches for hard to reach corners
Shannon Garbaccio - I had been lugging around a canister vacuum and thinking everything was fine. I was wrong. This vacuum cleaner is extremely lightweight, cleans amazing on both carpet as well as hard floors and has loads of attachments. I also love how easy it is to empty all the dirt you suck up. I will never go...
Tori Dixon - As someone with pets, hardwood, and carpet - this vacuum works wonders. As an avid vacuumer, I adore the Shark Duoclean because it comes with a detached piece that you can use on stairs, or in my case, my couch and chairs. Great piece of machinery!
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Natasha Willis - My favorite vacuum cleaner I have ever owned!
Jacob Hollenbeck - Previously we used to own a Dyson... but they are so crazy expensive and not exceptionally better than the competition based on price. After some exhaustive research we decided to pick one of these up... man we had been missing out! The super high suction coupled with an excellent battery life ha...
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Elexa Martinez - We have been extremely happy with our Shark Navigator. It is easy and light enough for our kids to us. I also really like the rotating neck that helps to get into hard to reach places. We have a black lab and it keeps up with all the pet hair as well. The filter is easy to take out and wash. I al...
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Adam Doppelt - After scanning the reviews, it became clear that the Eufy was significantly cheaper than Roomba but had several advantages. Just the kind of purchase that appeals to me.

The Eufy wanders randomly around the house, digging into corners and under cabinets. Unlike the Roomba, it makes no attempt to...
Esther Kast - We got a Eufy after having a Roomba for a while. We like the Eufy a lot more and it is not nearly as expensive.
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Dakota Stern - This powerful and quiet Miele vacuum is really great for fur rugs because of its turbo brush floorhead.
Stacy Gregorace - Great for cats. Keeps dander inside the bag and well filtered. Made well. Worth the money. This is a vacuum for life with pets
Christina DiRocco - Miele vacuums have always been my go-to while I worked as a Chief Stew on yachts. They are durable, lightweight and can easily be maintained.
Mary Lesh - I don't have carpeting anymore but, I still use a vacuum to clean my floors. This vacuum works great on my vinyl plank floors and rugs. It picks up all the dog hair and crumbs that land on the floor. It has adjustable height for the brushes and it has an attachment for furniture which works great...
Sierra Waugh - Just got this yesterday. It has literally changed my life. Can't believe I'm in love with a vaccum.
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Melissa Gallagher - I bought this on my sister's recommendation, and I've been so pleased. Love that it folds up, so it takes up less space than my last one. Has great suction and survives off the charger for a good while. If this lasts years like everyone says it will, It'll be well worth the money!
Christy Hussain - Previously I felt like each time I bought a handvac, it was a given that it would die after about a year of use. This one has held up for years!
George Pinegar - This hand vac is very convenient to clean both my car and in my home. It reaches into small areas and easy to handle.
Molly Pearcy - Great robot vacuum. This is the second one that I have owned and I love it! The app is super easy to use and allows you to set no-go zones for areas you don't want the vacuum to enter. Works great picking up dog fur on hard floors and carpet.
Paul Pearcy - It very rarely gets stuck and has chugged along great.
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Dakota Stern - This product is amazing! You don't even need bags. The clear plastic canister lifts over the base of the vacuum cleaner, so all you have to do is open the top lid and dump the debris into the trash can. It's that easy. Also, it works on multiple surfaces, like on tile and carpet.
Tammy Mayne - I just got a Eureka Whirlwind Bagless. It's lightweight and very affordable.
Lindsey S - I have the Dirt Devil Vibe 3-1 which works great for my stairs and smaller areas. Great for quick vacuuming.
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Erin Lee - We've been happy with this vacuum! Transitions from hardwood floors to rugs easily.
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Blaire Dorin - This vacuum is so great. It's easy to use, breaks down into smaller pieces for easy storage, and holds a charge pretty well.
Alison Finkel - We have two pets and two kids. This is amazing on our wood floor and rugs.
Julie Joyce - This is what I consider my “heavy duty vacuum”. Different settings for carpets vs. bare floors, has a lift-away canister that is handy for stairs, and a good assortment of attachments for hard to reach spots and pets. Powerful, yet not too heavy.

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