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7 months ago
Great on our wool carpets
about 1 year ago
It's considered one of the best for a reason, the one time when something that sucks, isn't a bad thing.
over 2 years ago
Amazing and durable!
over 2 years ago
I’ve had my Miele for years and love it!
Liz Stella I had one in the UK and it was the best I've ever had. Now think I need to add to wishlist again!
  • over 2 years ago
almost 3 years ago
They are the best of the best :) The Pet Care one is amazing and even has a power upholstery tool, which is great for grabbing cat / dog hair from sofas, etc. It is lovely! You can get a HEPA filter or charcoal filter for odor control. The vacuum bag seals shut after each use, keeping smells inside, and you definitely want something with vacuum bags with pets so the smell doesn't stick to the plastic. The hardwood floor attachment is beautiful as well. George at City Vacuum in Shoreline is amazing, 3rd generation vacuum shop store owner, and can show you everything. You also get a free joke every time you visit him!

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recommended by Ana Williams