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over 1 year ago
These are very affordable and reliable smart bulbs that you can find at Costco, Walmart, Home Depot, basically everywhere, they have their own app, which is a re-skin of the Tuya/Smart Life app. which makes them compatible with any Tuya devices, 100% recommended
over 2 years ago
i have these in nearly every room in my house. i love being able to change the light color. plus the added bonus of not having to get up to turn your light off lol
almost 3 years ago
I just bought two light bulbs last week and they work pretty well so far. It's easy to install and connect. It has all the different colors of lights and you can adjust the lightness of the bulb by either using the phone or voice assistant. It's compatible with Google Home and Alexa and Siri. Highly recommend this to everyone who wants to make their home smarter.
almost 3 years ago
I switched from Phillips Hue to these because I didn't like having a hub. So far so good. I like the range of color options. The companion app is not very good, but they seem to work just fine with Alexa.
recommended by CHRIS TALLMAN