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over 1 year ago
I love these so flavorful and not sweet!!! No artificial sweeteners and weird aftertaste!!
over 2 years ago
This is a line of sparkling waters by Kroger (a grocery store). They're soda flavored, and they come in Cola, The Dr., and Root Beer. There might be more flavors, but that's all I've seen so far. I haven't tried the Cola, but I'm sorta obsessed with The Dr. and Root Beer. I gave up soda years ago, so my palette might be jaded, however, I'm a sweet tooth and I don't do diet drinks. These TOTALLY deliver. I was totally skeptical of the idea (soda without the sugar, gross!), but my brother bought them for me and brought them to me to prove how good they were. And I was shocked. Five stars, highly recommend!
Michael Lafears Interesting...water that taste like soda. I might have to try them.
  • over 2 years ago