The best sparkling waters of 2023

Elexa Martinez - My family is a big fan of the local Austin Waterloo Sparkling Water. Our go to flavors are watermelon and mango. I also love how they support the Austin community by sponsoring swim teams and other local things.
Naomi Whitaker - Delicious!
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Anja Castillo - My go to when i am thirsty but tired of plain old water. Great selection of flavors too!!
Zan Hudson - This is my fav flavored sparkling water. The Blackberry is my favorite flavor.
Tammy Mayne - I love these drinks. They have given me a better alternative to drinking too much soda.
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Victoria Grinde - Came across these based on a FC recommendation. Glad I did cause I have finally tried them and they are delicious. I haven't found a flavor that I don't like yet.
Mandi Pacer - If you're trying to avoid drinking soda, this is a wonderful substitute!
Carly Canter - Great by themselves or apart of a mixed drink!
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Carol Mullins - Refreshing drink especially with a slice of fresh lime.
Cindy Hawkins - Topo Chico is a very refreshing bubbly drink!
Jennifer Marthaler - I recently discovered Topo Chico sparkling water and it is my new favorite!! Its so refreshing and the grapefruit flavor is so refreshing! They also make hard seltzers that are the best I have had!
Mandi Pacer - When I decided to nix soda a few years ago, I decided to substitute it with flavored carbonated water. My top flavors are peach pear, watermelon, mango and apricot from the La Croix canned line. I love the fizzy-burn sensation from soda, but without the nasty sugar additives, so this was a perfec...
Kira Carney - I posted this on someone's post about La Croix. But I want to share on my page the chart I've created for all of the flavors I have tried so far and what my thoughts were:
LimonCello 9.5/10 Tastes like lemon yogurt sweet but Creamy?
Tangerine 0/10 Gross aftertaste
Orange 9.5/10 Keeps orange flavo...
Kathi Lanoue - I am in love with the key lime. Its so refreshing. This is a staple in my house.
Liz Pearce - I'm a die-hard La Croix drinker, but I tried one of these last night and was really impressed! (Then couldn't stop at one and had two.) They have actual flavor but are neither bitter nor too sweet, and only have 30 calories. Would probably make a great mixer as well.
Meredith Fife - After seeing recommendations on here for the Pink Grapefruit flavor I bought a case of it from Costco. It's really refreshing during these hot days of summer.
Elexa Martinez - Love this local Austin water company. The water is so good and the sparkling water is super bubbly. They help support the Austin community in so many different ways. I love supporting a brand that supports their community back.
Courtney Smith - The best sparkling water EVER!
Guilherme Nogales - No, sparkling waters are not all the same. This is the best one hands down! I always have it before my daily espresso shot.
Julie Joyce - A sparkling water produced in partnership with Texas Parks and Wildlife Foundation to ensure a quality product that protects sensitive water sources. They have plain, grapefruit and a lemon/lime flavor. They also work with local groups to help preserve the natural areas we all enjoy.
Melissa Gallagher - This is a line of sparkling waters by Kroger (a grocery store). They're soda flavored, and they come in Cola, The Dr., and Root Beer. There might be more flavors, but that's all I've seen so far. I haven't tried the Cola, but I'm sorta obsessed with The Dr. and Root Beer. I gave up soda years ago...
Marcelina Paige Riseling - I love these so flavorful and not sweet!!! No artificial sweeteners and weird aftertaste!!
Victoria Grinde - This is hands down my favorite sparkling water now. I love that Costco has their own brand! Each of the three flavors in the package are yummy! You can drink them by themselves or even use them as mixers ... Either way they are so yummy!
Kira Carney - I'm usually a La Croix person, but my Uncle buys these and y'all - it's so good!!
Kylie Lebel - I'm absolutely addicted to their drinks. They're a good source of fiber and probiotics and taste just like soda (but healthy!)
Emily Midgley - My go-to seltzer water flavor! So much better than plain tap water.