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Ikea Trofast Storage Combination

Ikea Trofast Storage Combination

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over 1 year ago
this is such a good way to keep all of my books organized for school!
almost 2 years ago
IKEA sells it as “a playful and sturdy storage series for storing and organizing toys, sitting, playing and relaxing”, which is true. We prefer to call it our Lego containment system. We had Lego everywhere and needed something to corral them. This system is perfect. There are different sizes and colors of drawers so you can customize it to your needs. We got drawer organizers so we were able to sort the Lego so we had less frustration during building and way less chances of stepping on them! It makes my inner organizer very happy.
almost 2 years ago
When we moved into our new home, I had to give up my children's playroom. This meant toys strewn everywhere, and it was difficult to clean up. These bins saved me from insanity. They are easy to access for my boys and easy enough to put together
Cindy Sersig I have this. It’s a great storage unit!
  • almost 2 years ago
Liz Stella I have this too, it's helped us stay SO organized!
  • almost 2 years ago
Melissa Smith You could also make the toys seasonal...per say. The ones that they are not taking interest at this time, pack them up and put them away. In a couple months, rotate them!
  • almost 2 years ago
Elissa Tompkins Melissa Smith that is a really great idea! I think I'm going to try that
  • almost 2 years ago
almost 2 years ago
This storage unit holds plastic boxes that slide in and out. We use it to hold different types of papers separate, crayons, pencils, markers, paints, and many other tools/supplies. I love that the pull out boxes come in small and large sizes. They are easy to handle and carry, and very durable.

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recommended by Kathryne Hanks
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