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Serving Austin, TX

Liz Stella

UK-born, ATX-based working mum. Life hack huntress. Culture cultivator.
Connected with Blanton Museum of Art
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Alba Botanica Clear Spray Spf 50 Sunscreen
We're big fans of this brand at home and this is excellent, natural sunscreen. I've seen some of the chemicals involved in other sprays and I really like this one for the family.
Austin Eastciders Brut Super Dry Cider
If you enjoy the occasional tipple and are looking for a good dry cider, this is the one. A great local brewery that puts out a lot of different flavours but I'm not a fan of sweet and this is perfect!
Beard King Beard Bib
Shaving Supplies
There's surely more products like this out there but this is the first one I bought for my husband and it works like a charm! Suction cups to the mirror so those annoying hairs can be kept from falling all over the bathroom. Also doubles up as a fringe-trimmer for me!
Bink Outlet Covers
Outlet Covers
I'm a fan of these simple covers and the fact they come in a variety of pastel colours! My little hasn't figured out how to pull these off (yet) and they're not an eyesore either.
BONIDE 32 Oz Neem Oil Fungicide, Miticide, & Insecticide Ready-To-Use
I'm a fan of Neem Oil for most pest control. I've used the BONIDE 32 oz Neem Oil Fungicide, Miticide, & Insecticide Ready-To-Use for initial attacks and have found it to be quite successful and non-hazardous to humans!
Contigo Autoseal Transit Mug
Coffee Mug
We've had some success moving up to Contigo which has several sizes and an easy-clean flip up straw. Kohl's currently has a sale on these too btw!
Crosley Tribute Radio
This is a lovely, affordable AM/FM radio that works with bluetooth too. Battery life is long and it's rechargeable!
Deaunbr USB Rechargeable Book Lights
I needed a book light and went with the Reading Light with Clip - Deaunbr USB Rechargeable Book Lights. It has a huge clamp which fits most places and is dimmable AND rechargeable. A great purchase that has a long battery life!
Del Sol Hybrid Bicycles
I got an urban commuter Del Sol bike and I love it. It's a good hybrid and I ended up with some customizations (changed the handlebar to an FSA Metropolis handlebar which is more ergonomic). The whole design is pretty unisex.
Dino Bars
Nutrition Bars
Organic Fruit Bars Wrapped in Edible Paper for Kids. I'm always looking for ways to get fruit/veggies into my child's diet and this great small business have created a bar that helps prevent mess! Plus my daughter loves them so win-win!
Dyson V8 Cordless Vacuum
Vacuum Cleaner
The was the first cordless vacuum I've owned and it's a life-saver! I can operate it easily even while holding my child in the other arm. Light and rechargeable, it has a max suction mode that does great things in short bursts. Great to have a vac do use in the car too!
Gisou Propolis Infused Texturising Wave Spray
Hair Care
I have a good solid wave going with my hair and have been enjoying the Gisou texturising wave spray at Sephora! It tames the hair without dampening the wave and isn't stiff like hairspray! Just apply to wet hair and let it dry naturally.
Graco Extend2Fit
Car Seat
My husband got the Graco Extend2Fit for his car and it's easy to use and my toddler sits so comfortably in it!
Hape All-In-One Wooden Kid's Art Easel With Paper Roll and Accessories
I'm a big fan of this brand and this board will last for many years to come due the height-adjusters. Paper, chalk and dry erase; good for so many things!
Hatch Rest + Sound Machine
Sound Machine
We had some trouble with sleep training and this saved us! A bit more expensive than the Hatch Rest original but we needed a dim clock in baby's bedroom too which helps with schedules! Our daughter is now triggered into sleeping on cue thanks to our pre-programmed scheduling. So much easier than manually managing a sound machine, all done through an app.
Hummingbird Nectar Mix With Nectar Defender™
Bird Feeder
It can be challenge feeding hummingbirds because you need to swap out the food every few days but this product enables you to keep it fresh for two weeks! And there's no nasty dyes. An ideal feed!
Hydro Flask
Water Bottle
A very sturdy bottle that withstands multiple drops! I like that it holds a decent amount too and is easy to wash.
Ikea Trofast Storage Combination With Boxes
Have a child means organization is key to not losing your mind! These easy to assembly units and light plastic bins are a nice height and help encourage clean-up time behaviour. The bins are bigger than you think!
Kuhn Rikon Christopher Kimball's Milk Street All-Purpose Kitchen Grater, One Size, Stainless Steel
This is my dream grater. I've been searching for one that I can easily clean and use over bowls etc, this does the job perfectly!
Le Specs Bandwagon
I am pretty hard-wearing on my sunglasses and have gone through high-end and lower-end brands. Le Specs has me converted. They're a good median price, very cool designs and can withstand multiple drops plus frequent grab and shakes by my toddler without getting ruined!
Microplane Premium Classic Zester and Grater
The absolute best product. No mess, ginger, lime, so many possibilities. A very pro tool.
Milk Street: Tuesday Nights
This has been a life-saving cookbook for a culinary cook with minimal time. A selection of global recipes that breaks down into easy chapters based on cooking-time, 45 minutes and less. Made so many meals from this!
Nars Climax Mascara
I'm a fan of NARS Climax. It's perfect consistency, no clogging and nice shaped wand.
No7 Biodegradable Makeup Removing Wipes - 30ct
Makeup Remover
I've tried a variety of make-up wipes over the years and these ones consistently have not irritated my eyes and cleared away grime. They're biodegradable now too which is a BIG plus!
Nordic Ware Heritage Bundt Pan
Bundt Pan
This tin is so lovely and recreates the design beautifully in baked goods with no problems. I'm a bundt cake convert!
Peaceable Kingdom Monkey Around Game
The perfect first board game for your child! Concentration levels are low for 18-24 months plus so this I was ecstatic that this bought me more than ten minutes of focus! Fun and interactive with the only aim being to have a good giggle!
I guarantee you'll find it hard to stop eating these once you open a packet! Tastes better than Funyuns with a lot less junk.
Philips SmartSleep Wake-Up Light
Alarm Clock
I switched to a Philips Wake-Up Light with Sunrise Simulation Alarm Clock because I needed to do same thing! It's a gradual alarm sound if you want it, but I just use the light which is much more soothing and just brightens up to wake you.
Poetry Pharmacy Book by William Sieghart
This is a lovely book, perfect as a gift for yourself or a poetry lover. It includes poems to uplift any mood and help refresh the soul.
Safe Baby Tech Baby Car Mirror, Crystal Clear Reflection
Baby Care
New parent must-have! This is the best mirror you can get for a rear-facing carseat, in my humble opinion. I had tried bigger brand names but this mirror has the best straps and a wonderful wide mirror that both you and baby can actually see each other in.
Simple Human Dual Compartment Trash Can
Trash Can
It's nice to have a bin that has equal opportunity for both garbage and recycling! Easy to operate and clean, it fits well into our lives and our kitchen.
The Modern Vegetarian
This recipe book by Maria Elia provides a wide selection of beautiful plates that taste just as good to eat. I'm not a vegetarian but I cook from it often. There's an apricot roulade dessert that has impressed many a dinner guest!
The Silver Spoon (Traditional Italian Home Cooking Recipes)
I'm a huge fan of the original Silver Spoon, the essential Italian cookbook. I was delighted to find out there is now a veggie version, The Vegetarian Silver Spoon! Great photos and recipe ideas.
The Walk by Scrabble Board
It's hard to get a few hours of free time to sit and play scrabble so this is the PERFECT board for ongoing games! It helps me use my brain a bit and my husband and I can enjoy something without feeling rushed for time.
Toddy Cold Brew Coffee Maker System
Cold Brew
My husband is a fan of the Toddy Cold Brew Coffee Maker System with Extra Filters and Silicone Stoppers Bundle and it's been a long-standing fave in our house. It holds 60+ oz so you'll have more than enough caffeine between new brews!
Tojiro Bread Slicer High-Carbon Stainless Steel Bread Knife 235mm F-737
If you're a fan of fresh bread and are always scrambling for the right knife to carve off a slice, THIS IS THE ONE! I bought mine from a baker and it's superb! Top quality, super sharp, and lasted for years.
Vagabond Shoes
I’m a fan of all Vagabond shoes!
Verb's Ghost Weightless Hair Oil
Hair Care
I'm a fan of Verb's Ghost Weightless Hair Oil. I've used it for years since discovering it in Austin. It ticks all the boxes and is also vegan! It doesn't weigh down the hair or leave it greasy.
Weleda Roll on Deodorant
I like Weleda 24 Hour Roll-On Deodorant, Citrus, 1.7 Fluid Ounce. Their whole range is based on natural care and I like this product!
Whip-It Stain Remover
Cleaning Supplies
This is an amazing stain remover that has worked on so many things (wine, mud, blood etc.). It's earth friendly too, non-toxic and has a mild smell. My first go-to when in need of salvaging something!

Special Occasions

Antone's Nightclub
I've had many a good night here and it's an Austin staple for live music lovers. A solid place to support local and visiting musicians!
This is great place for some authentic Italian food. The owner takes great care with his food, even making recommendations on what to order and what will/won't reheat well! Quick service for some yummy dishes to take home and savour.
Book Store
Yes, you can buy a lot of books online, but why would you when you can have a wonderful experience and discover so many more products not driven by paid ads! This is an essential place to go if you're a book lover, for all ages and with a great selection of magazines too!
Book Store
A bookstore that specializes in books BY and ABOUT women. What's not to love?! They have great gifts too, activist magnets and a wide array of female-forward books. A must-stop by and buy!
I've been a fan of this place for years, since it started as a small shop on the Drag to the successful business it has become. The dill pickle is a family favorite!
Eve's Bakery
Delicious Arabic sweets! Discovered this relatively new stall at the Sunset Valley Farmer's Market in April 2021. I'm going to be trying more but had a lovely, light carrot cake which was so good!
Fonda San Miguel
This Mexican restaurant specializes in regional cuisine and is beloved by many for their excellent dishes and stunning interior. We celebrated our wedding here and it has many good memories. Always a good time!
Jodi Rae Designs
Jodi is a talented jeweler and has a gorgeous selection of gems! I discovered labradorite stones through her and have had many compliments when wearing her jewelry.
This restaurant does Japanese excellence with a Texan spin. Fantastic sushi and specials, in particular their Tarantula roll. The best miso in town too!
La Patisserie
Efficient service and an outstanding selection of utterly delicious cakes and pastries! The most mouth-watering french pastries you'll find in ATX. Personal faves are the eclairs and vanilla/choc cronut. Divine!
Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center
Recreational Activities
A year-round schedule of outdoor events for all the family, surrounded by wonderful native plants and beautiful landscaped gardens. I adore this place and membership is highly recommended so you can make regular visits. Fortlandia is a particular highlight for active littles to run around in a safe space!
I've never had a marble rye taco and this place makes them in-house! Great coffee and food/pastries with a Bavarian twist, a cool addition to the South ATX neighbourhood!
Phoebe's Diner
A regular go-to for the best brunch south of the river. My husband and I have brought locals and visiting friends for some easy-going American breakfast food with their own special touch. An array of hot sauce condiments too to add some fire!
Rocket Brothers Band
An energetic, fun, live band who I enjoyed at a restaurant setting. Lots of recognisable covers and the musicians have a great dynamic that comes across well while performing.
Son of a Sailor
A beautiful little store with a lovely selection of gifts, from jewellery to home accessories. A great local business to support!
Sour Duck Market
This is a great all-day bakery/restaurant/café where you can enjoy a simple snack made with locally sourced ingredients or a few yummy cocktails. Their Buckwheat Almond Financier is my new fave go-to baked good! Nicely spread out outside and accommodating for young kids.
Special Additions
So much support for expectant and nursing mothers. The staff know SO much about breastfeeding and I've found them to be more knowledgable than some docs! Helped me through so much.
Thai Fresh
We're huge fans of this restaurant! Delicious selection of dishes and also a great side bakery that's gluten-free providing sweet treats. They incorporate fair wages and holiday etc. into the price so you don't have to tip. A model that could be followed by many more restaurants!
The Little Darlin'
A lifeline for those who like good food, good drinks, and a great outdoor space. A more refined menu than your average "bar and grill" which good spacing for families, especially during pandemic times! Staff are cool and efficient, they even have merch.
The Skylark Lounge
A blues music jewel in Austin, my husband has jammed here and it's always welcoming. When you enter this dark, unassuming bar you'll lose track of time in a good way, savouring great live music and a well-stocked bar.
Tlv Austin
Thank goodness we have a bona fide location for great Israeli food in Austin! The BEST hummus you will find. Owner/Chef Berty Richter is so passionate about everything he does and it's no wonder he made such a success with this business. Go try the food now, it's unforgettable!
Valentina's Tex Mex BBQ
One of the top places to get a good taco and bbq meet. The pulled chicken and brisket are favorites. This is a place that you have to take out-of-towners to for them to have had GOOD food.
Veracruz All Natural
One of the best tacos you'll find in ATX. Women-owned business. Try the Reyna with chorizo. You'll be converted!
Wild About Music
This downtown business has been around for a while but yet is a new discovery for so many! If you have any music lovers in your network, this shop will have something to make them smile. Everything from music-inspired attire to cookware, toys and instruments. A family business, open 7 days a week. You'll be buying yourself a few gifts too!
Yapa Artisan Empanadas
The best and most generously-sized empanadas I've tasted! Enjoy a beef bourguignon filling. "Yapa" means to give more, which makes sense! Highly recommended.


ATX Doulas
Bringing my first-born into the world was the most positive experience I could have dreamed of because of ATX Doulas! Cary was my doula and I can now count her as my friend. Responsive, intuitive, empowering, and so much more. Cary supported my husband on labor day too and brought us food after the birth. A superhuman, they all are!
Austin Regional Clinic: ARC Southwest
Dr. Heide Busceme has provided the best quality care for my child since birth and helped me feel confident as a mother. Highly recommended.
Dr. Karen Kish (The Obgyn Group Of Austin)
I have only good things to say about Dr. Kish, she helped through my entire pregnancy and delivered my first-born so I'll always be thankful for that! She continues to be my gynecologist and I completely trust her expertise.
Honest Family Dental
Being able to rely on this practice has eased our lives! My teeth health has improved since seeing them, without having to worry about extortionate fees. Always welcoming and helpful.
Longhorn Pediatric Dentistry & Orthodontics
This is my first experience of a pediatric dentist and they've been absolutely superb. I looked around at a few dentists in ATX for my child but either got no callbacks to sign-up or they changed accepted insurance provider. I'm with Delta Dental and this place has been so helpful and welcoming. They're also reconstructing and the new building looks great!
Women's Health Texas
I was recommended to them by a friend and I've had such wonderful support pre-pregnancy and throughout my motherhood journey! The staff are always patient and helpful and I always felt reassured by my OB (Dr. Kish) throughout my pregnancy through to an excellently-managed birth. Highly recommended!






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