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7 months ago
I love this! It also hasn't changed my eye color or created "hollows" I've read about. I use a MAC angle eyeliner brush to apply. I'm trying to figure out how to possibly recycle or repurpose the plethora of plastic applicators that come with each bottle as they are awful and waste a lot of product.

These are before / after pics...both with no makeup on at all (no eyeliner, no shadow, no mascara) after 2-1/2 months of use.
11 months ago
I am a believer in Latisse! I started using it when quarantine started and I couldn’t go for my lash extension appointments. It took 2-3 months to see results but I am so happy I switched to my natural lash. The beginning months you apply every evening, and now over a year later I apply 3 times a week.
11 months ago
Loved when I was using this. I’ve since switched to a lash service membership but loved how this worked. I just wasn’t very disciplined with applications.
11 months ago
I have been using Latisse for about 4 months and it’s the only thing I’ve really loved. It’s about $130 for a 3 month supply but I get so many compliments on my eyelashes because of it!
11 months ago
I have been using Latisse on my lashes for the last 3 months or so and I have been loving it! It has really helped to strengthen my lashes and make them longer! I get it through Rory which is so much more convenient


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