The best makeup of 2023

Sara Marie - I have been on the IPSY subscription plan for a couple of years now. Each month, I get a cute bag that's worth the monthly fee alone along with 4 other things to try out based on how I answered some questions when signing up. Plus, it was only 9.99 a month which is nothing for getting 4-5 new pie...
Laura Wilkinson - I have been an Ipsy subscriber for a few years now and love their products.. It's the best way to discover new beauty products without all the research!
Kali Thompson - my mom gets these and loves them. she always gets products that she likes and will use!
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Sandra J - I use this DAILY! All Of Me or At Last truly are the perfect shade for anybody but they have a plethora to choose from. It is CLEAN ingredients, long-lasting, good for eyes, cheeks and lips.... gives you the lust perfect touch of color day/night.
Hilda Jacquemin - My daughter gave me this and i can not live without it now!!
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Elissa Tompkins - I have been using Latisse for about 4 months and it’s the only thing I’ve really loved. It’s about $130 for a 3 month supply but I get so many compliments on my eyelashes because of it!
Natasha Willis - I have been using Latisse on my lashes for the last 3 months or so and I have been loving it! It has really helped to strengthen my lashes and make them longer! I get it through Rory which is so much more convenient
Kylie Heaton - I am a believer in Latisse! I started using it when quarantine started and I couldn’t go for my lash extension appointments. It took 2-3 months to see results but I am so happy I switched to my natural lash. The beginning months you apply every evening, and now over a year later I apply 3 times a...
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Christina Nelson - This is my favorite liquid blush ever! The highly pigmented formula blends out beautifully on the skin with a brush or a beauty sponge, leaving a natural dewy finish. Just make sure to start with a light hand--a little goes a long way with this product!
Liz Huerta - These are probably my favorite liquid blush i have tried. I love the look of liquid and cream blush but always struggle finding ones with packaging I like. Cream blushes often get dirty fast and liquid blushes can get messy or be too sheer. These blushes have great packaging. I love that it comes...
Kaylee Emerson - A wonder <3
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Elexa Martinez - Well I guess grandma knew best!! I have used so many translucent powders and well the one my grandma always used really is the best affordable powder by far!! It is so great it is perfect for baking your concealer and really helps with oil control.
Cindy Hawkins - I love the Coty loose powder too, an oldie but goodie!
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Sandra J - Clean ingredients nothing to be mad about on this bronzer!!
Jessica M Shapiro - Great natural coverage - especially as we head into summer.
Anja Castillo - Better staying power than some that are twice the cost. Will definitely be getting more colors! Lasted perfectly all day!
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Elissa Tompkins - I keep this in my purse for easy to apply makeup/spf! It is so easy to use and doesn't break my face out!
Sandra J - This really works super!!!!
Sandra J - LOVE this palette - all the perfect neutral tones for any skin, and CLEAN ingredients.
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Mandi Pacer - Create a bright, glistening glow as a base before putting on your foundation! I love that this is subtle and not loud for enhancing your makeup game.
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Kaylee Emerson - For kick-ass contouring, and make-up that lasts ALL DAY LONG. Also easy to apply, and the bottle will stay at your service for at least six months
N V - I love my morphe mattifying setting spray !! I highly recommend.
larissa Cole - I’ve been using this as my face-setting powder for probably 2+ years. It works great with Glossier’s perfecting skin tint (which is what I usually use as a lightweight, everyday foundation) but it also lays nicely on top of more full coverage products from other brands. I like that it ads a littl...
Trystan Mullins - Love this powder so much! If you are ever looking shiny this is the perfect solution because it instantly makes your complexion appear matte leaving your skin with a flawless finish!
Allison H - I use Laura Mercier Translucent Loose Setting Powder - it's light and works really well.
Test Out - My go to false lashes that looks natural! I usually get my lashes done but when they aren't done these are my go to!
Zoe Gregorace - Love this blush- extra shimmery and no need to highlight!
Elexa Martinez - This has been my go to brow pencil for over a year now. It is great for creating the hair type lines and the brush on the end really helps make it blendable. I am loving the definition it gives my brows but with keeping them look very natural.
Brooke Piszczor - I have used this blush since high school & I love it! Range of colors + it goes on nicely & stays on!
Morgan Keith - This product is light and leaves the face looking smooth and matte. One of my favorite powders for the summers
Soledad Gonzalez - This gel is perfect to make your brows glow and defined in seconds. Daily make up routine must-have!
Natasha Willis - I received this as a sample and have been a loyal follower ever since. It helps get rid of my redness so I can wear lighter coverage foundation!

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