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almost 3 years ago
In my quixotic quest for proper parental controls, I finally found NextDNS. You might be familiar with "family friendly" DNS services that screen out adult websites, force Google to use SafeSearch, etc. See cleanbrowsing.org or Cloudflare's DNS server.

NextDNS is different - it offers configurable DNS for ambitious users. It has excellent DNS-based ad blocking, just like pi-hole. It also has a large list of questionable websites that you can easily turn off. Like "no tumblr".

You can also tell it to block EVERYTHING by default, and then just turn on the websites that you want your kid to be able to access. In my house we have two different setups. One kid has everything turned on by default, with a few websites turned off. The other kid has everything turned off by default, with a few websites turned on. Incredibly helpful when getting the kid laptops sorted out for school.

Great product. New and improving rapidly. Mostly of interest to tech savvy users, I think.
Victoria Grinde Now that my daughter is at an age where she wants to be on our phones and iPads, I need to look into something like this ASAP!
  • almost 2 years ago
Adam Doppelt Still getting great value from it. If you only use iOS devices, you might be able to just use Screen Time. Good luck!
  • almost 2 years ago

About NextDNS.io

Supported on all major platforms, NextDNS protects you from all kinds of security threats, can block unwanted ads, can track websites, and allow for a safe and monitored internet experience for kids.

Features of NextDNS include:

  • Customizable privacy settings.
  • Detect and block third party trackers.
  • Block websites and search terms from showing up in search results to allow kids safe browsing.
  • Monitor what is happening on your devices through real-time analytics.

Visit the DNS.io website for further details on DNS set up, pricing options, and application.

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