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almost 3 years ago
I've used many headphones and earbuds over the years. On any given day I'll switch between three or more, depending on what I'm doing. Mine all work wirelessly, have excellent audio quality, noise cancellation, and built in mics + touch controls. Yet the Nuraphone is still my favorite overall.

First and foremost, the Nuraphone is a fantastic pair of over-ear headphones. It has all of the features listed above, but it also goes beyond the rest with its "Immersion" feature. Each side of the headphones has an in-ear bud as well as an over-ear cup. This design feels a little odd at first, but it allows them to provide the most impressive bass I've ever heard.

Music becomes a concert. Movies become a theater. I've had my pair for three years, but when I truly want to hear something, they're still what I reach for.