The best headphones of 2023

Sara Marie - Everyone in the family got these and are surprisingly a must! You don’t realize how nice it is to not have cords and it stops and starts on their own when you take out of your ears.
Victoria Grinde - I have always had issues with wearing earbuds and/or headphones. My ears must be weirdly shaped lol But despite having ears that seem to hate all earbuds/headphones, the Apple Airpods have been amazing. They stay in my ears, they aren't irritating, and they don't hurt while I am wearing them. I l...
Elissa Tompkins - My AirPods last forever on one charge because I typically only use them once a day for 30 minutes.
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Victoria Grinde - These headphones are great! They fit nicely and don't constantly fall out.
Erin Lee - I love these wireless headphones! The earbuds stay secure and the connecting cord keeps me from misplacing one.
Meredith Fife - I really like my Bose Soundsport Headphones. The battery lasts about 6 hours which is great since we now live in a world where headphones are needed for work, school, and exercise. I also love that I no longer deal with headphone tangles, which seemed to be a constant problem. The sound quality i...
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Zoe Gregorace - I've had these for years and they are the best for working out! I always wear them when I'm lifting in the gym
Tori Dixon - I love drowning out all noises with these headphones. I prefer over the ear because I don't feel like I'm constantly adjusting them as I walk or run. A few years down with these and they're still in perfect condition.
Mikaila McLane - I love my Beats! I can’t hear anything over those it’s glorious haha.
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Ryan Bruss - These are just really good wireless earbuds. The battery life is long, the sound is great, and they're really intuitive to use with other apple devices. The spatial audio update was fantastic. I was watching a movie on my iPad, turned to look at something and the sound started coming out more fro...
Test Out - I thought there wasn't a difference with the old ones and these but there actually is a difference in the quality of sound!
Joyce Ling - Freaking love this! First off, buying any wireless buds is a godsend. I'm able to chat with people on FaceTime or on a call while doing chores around the house, and hear them crisply in my ear. The noise-canceling on the pros is actually incredible. It definitely works!
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Carol Mullins - These are comfortable and the sound quality it awesome.
Test Out - When I am traveling and I know its going to be a long flight I use these headphones to cancel out the baby crying in the plane and zone in on a movie or music! Great sound quality!
Jeff Mullins - Great Product. Rivals Bose for quality sound. I have both, but broke my Bose Headset. The Sony folds up perfectly when not in use and comes with protective hard case.
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Omar Shahine - Bose has been making Noise Cancelling Headphones longer than anyone else, and the NC 700s have an excellent sound quality and noise cancellation, plus 20 hours of battery life. I have found the controls of the Bose headphones very intuitive and easy to use. Bose also has an app for the headphones...
Z M - Got myself a pair of these after trying my partner's. Amazing sound and noise cancelling for working from home and being out and about.
Glenn Howell - We ordered these right after shutting down and sending everyone to work from home. These are the best for work at home experiences. Super comfortable. Ive caught myself forgetting to take them off even after meetings.
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Kira Carney - I'm deaf in one ear so bone conducting headphones are my go-to choice rather than earphones. My boyfriend bought me these about 3-4 years ago and they still work perfectly! I use them for walks, working out, yoga, and just listening to podcasts.
James Gates - Bought these for my girlfriend and then got a pair for myself! They are great!
Kaitlyn Steveson - I love these headphones, they keep my ears open so I can hear what is going on around me and it cuts down on the irritation I experience in my ear canals from earbuds.
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Karline Nogales - My favorite headphones to workout. They stay in my ear very well, and the sound is great. Also, you can change the tips out to improve your comfort level.
Kylie Heaton - I don’t know how I ever functioned at the gym before getting wireless headphones. I love them!
Carly Dreme Calbreath - Best headphones for working out I've ever had. Great quality sound. Don't fall out of my ears like most headphones.
Ryan Bruss - "WHAT!?" Is my only response when my wife is talking to me and I'm wearing these. The 3D audio is great for watching movies or playing games with surround sound.
Steve Dossick - Got these at the beginning of the pandemic. I like to listen to music while working, but my wife (whose home office is next door to mine) needs quiet. These were a salvation. Sound is amazing, comfortable for extended wearing (hours per day), and the battery is super long lasting so I'm only char...
Andru Edwards - Sony has been the leader in noise-cancelling headphones for a few years now, and the new WH-1000XM4 continues that tradition. These add multi-point Bluetooth pairing to connect to two devices at the same time, adds in better voice-calling capabilities, and dials in the noise-cancellation even mor...
Clau C - I'm in love with these headphones. I'm a runner and these help me stay aware of my surroundings without sacrificing listening to music or taking calls. Also, they stay in place.
Andre Palacios - Battery is outstanding!! Love my Aftershokz!
Test Out - I tried these in the Apple Store and when I tried it I was sold! I am looking to sell all my headphones to get these! Great quality of sound!
Patricia Burnett - Honestly can say that the sound quality on these headphones is spectacular!
Michael Lafears - I have a JBL over the ear wireless headphones and they are great. They have clear sound and the battery last for hours. The cost is is midrange which mean they are affordable and quality headphones.
Kennedy Kirkland - Practical, long-time battery and ideal for running! Be careful though, because they are really easy to break
Maria Mercanti - 10/10 recommend over AirPods if you are looking to upgrade your headphones!
Dana Sultan - Great pair
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Flora Ku - Great quality noise-canceling headphones that are super comfortable. Lots of features that include speak-to-chat (when you start talking, the music stops playing), touch control and more. Perfect for drowning out sounds within your home when you're WFH!
Meena Caputo - Sooo durable! I have had mine for 5+ years and they still work as well as the first day! They are perfect for the plane and they come in so many different colors!
Dan Shapiro - What's $15 and works better than Earpods Pro? These little doohickies. They're light, their cheap, and they sound fantastic. When you "upgrade" from bluetooth you're realize that the sound quality is better and that tiny, eerie delay disappears. They're so cheap that when your kids steal them you...
Michael Lafears - Bose is a great brand and know for quality sound.
Dakota Stern - The sound quality is excellent, especially when combined with the Soundcore application.
Timothy Sersig - This product is absolutely a must for anyone who rides a motorcycle. The bluetooth capability, along with the ability to pair with other like devices for communication while on the toad is unmatched. I was able to talk to the wife on my cell while traveling down the interstate at 80 MPH on my Har...
Cindy Sersig - Gifted this headset to one of my boys. When my oldest came over, he said he got the same headset and that it's a great product! I don't know much about gaming, but apparently I did good with these! They talk to each other when gaming and everything comes through clear.

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