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Ian Jones

Software engineer with far more questions than answers
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Hydro Flask
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Brita Premium Filtering Water Bottle
Water Bottle
A year ago I moved to a new apartment that didn't have any filtered water readily available. Nothing on the 'fridge door or any of the sinks. Before getting anything more fancy, I just got one of these water bottles, and it worked wonderfully. Filters are cheap and easy to replace, and make a very noticeable difference. The straw was definitely not something I was seeking out, but it's now one of my favorite aspects of this bottle. Because the lid opens using a spring-loaded button and the straw allows you to drink without tilting the bottle, it's easy to use one-handed. It does exactly what I need it to and a little bit more!
Google Pixelbook Go
Although I already have other laptops, this Chromebook also works pretty effectively as a tablet. Its keyboard doesn't detach, but it has a touchscreen and supports Android apps. I was expecting to just use this device as an extra screen and to bring along on trips, but I was surprised to find that the keyboard is the best I've ever used on any laptop. This device is now my goto when I know I want to type up anything away from my desk and mechanical keyboard. It's certainly not the cheapest Chromebook, but you get plenty for its price. If you're looking for a Chromebook or an Android tablet, you can't go wrong with the Pixelbook Go
iRobot Roomba
Vacuum Cleaner
One of the least pleasant parts of owning pets is shedding season. (Which, in the case of our pets, seems to be every season.) For many years we struggled to stay on top of all of the fur that covers the ground and somehow finds its way onto tables and counters. Our Roomba runs at least once a week now and frees up our time to do other things. Our model (the Roomba 690) connects to an app which allows us to start it even when we're not home, and allows it to tell us when it inevitably gets stuck somewhere every few months. Despite the occasional problems (which are easily resolved), our Roomba has already saved us countless hours of time we would've had to spend cleaning. Definitely a must-have for any pet owner!
I've used many headphones and earbuds over the years. On any given day I'll switch between three or more, depending on what I'm doing. Mine all work wirelessly, have excellent audio quality, noise cancellation, and built in mics + touch controls. Yet the Nuraphone is still my favorite overall. First and foremost, the Nuraphone is a fantastic pair of over-ear headphones. It has all of the features listed above, but it also goes beyond the rest with its "Immersion" feature. Each side of the headphones has an in-ear bud as well as an over-ear cup. This design feels a little odd at first, but it allows them to provide the most impressive bass I've ever heard. Music becomes a concert. Movies become a theater. I've had my pair for three years, but when I truly want to hear something, they're still what I reach for.
Purple Mattress
I definitely had to trust friends (& the internet) even more than usual for this purchase. This is the first time I've bought a mattress without physically going to a store. I've tried several Tempur-pedic and foam mattresses over the years, but they all retain too much heat to work well for me. Between this mattress staying cooler and its "grid" supporting my lower back more comfortably, it's been fantastic.


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