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over 2 years ago
Qwirkle may be the greatest game you've never heard of. It's a little like Scrabble, except instead of laying down letter tiles to make words, you lay down tiles with colored shapes to match either color or shape according to simple rules, and then score your results. Like Scrabble, the player with the highest points wins. It's simple to learn but has an extremely high replay value, and many generations can play together, from children to seniors - and it's hard to find a game that fits that criterion. Because the rules are simple (must match either color or shape), there's no arguing over whether a word is really a word. The thick wooden tiles are sturdy and easy to handle. There might be an issue for people with red-green colorblindness. Love this game!
over 2 years ago
Quirkle is a game of strategy and a little bit of luck! Each player gets 6 tiles and the goal is to create lines of the same color or the same shape, without repeating any of them. The person who completes the row of 6 gets a Quirkle! This game gets quite competitive in our house!
recommended by Shelby Suzanne