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over 1 year ago
Very comfortable shoes for a day hike.
over 2 years ago
Love my Solomon hiking boots! The only problem is about 4 of my friends have the same pair, but we all love them. Literally climbed mountains in these puppies and got no blisters, and stayed dry.
over 2 years ago
For warmer weather hikes I enjoyed my Salomons for 11 years. They're completely worn out now so I'll need to get new ones for spring/summer. They've been on hikes across Australia, the middle east, and the US. I've got narrow feet and high arches but I'm sure they've got some wide hiking shoes too.
Carol Mullins I have a wider toe box and am on my 10 pair of keens. This time I bought the higher ankle boot that is water resisitent and its made all the difference on the trails but also working on community projects in the rain and concrete and planting mud. Very comfortable, easy to clean.
  • over 2 years ago