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Cindy Sersig
23 days ago • Phoenix

Hiking shoes

My son bridged over to Boy Scouts and I anticipate the hikes to get a bit tougher than what we are used to. What are some favorite hiking shoes?
9 replies
9 days ago
For warmer weather hikes I enjoyed my Salomons for 11 years. They're completely worn out now so I'll need to get new ones for spring/summer. They've been on hikes across Australia, the middle east, and the US. I've got narrow feet and high arches but I'm sure they've got some wide hiking shoes too. Here's the link to the men's range:
Hiking Shoes
  • 23 days ago
These are the best hiking shoes I've ever had.
  • 22 days ago
Zara Michael Kira Carney are these pretty close to fitting actual size?
  • 22 days ago
This might be an unpopular idea, but there's never been a hike I couldn't tackle in my Chacos! I don't like dealing with socks bunching or sweaty feet. God forbid you get really wet, and there's not a lot worse than hiking in wet shoes/socks. Chacos (for me!) are comfy on day one, have great traction & arch support, and are perfect for conditions that might get wet (I don't really believe in hiking without a water feature along the way!). For kids (not sure your son's age) since they aren't cheap, the adjustability means we got 2 years out of ours before she grew out of them. Plus, they pack light for travel!
  • 22 days ago
Cindy Sersig in my experience, yes they are.
  • 21 days ago
I recently got a pair of Danner hiking boots from REI and easily had the most pleasant hiking experience I’ve ever had, in brand new shoes! They are water proof and lightweight but still very durable and capable of handling a rough terrain. The main selling point was that the REI employee told me they have a 100% satisfaction guarantee so if you buy these or any shoes from REI and end up not liking them you can return them for a full refund even if you wore them outside on a hike. I bought and loved them and won’t be making a return but it was so nice to have that peace of mind!
  • 21 days ago
Melissa, I too was tempted in recommending chakos
  • 21 days ago
I second the Chacos!!! I love mine so much!
  • 9 days ago
I actually LOVE my Sketchers hiking boots. Surprisingly durable and waterproof. They've seen me up and down Colorado hiking trails and mountainsides with my dogs time and time again!
  • 9 days ago

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