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over 1 year ago
I LOVE my new Vionic sneakers. I had never heard of this brand until I was shopping in FL and a sales clerk made me try them on. They have amazing cushioning and are so unbelievably comfortable.
Soledad Gonzalez I've never heard of these but I am going to check them out. This type of sneakers are totally my style!
  • over 1 year ago
Mandi Pacer Are they breathable? Can you wear them without socks?!
  • over 1 year ago
Emily Midgley Mandi Pacer I think you are supposed to wear them without socks. They were a perfect fit and very comfortable without them. I don’t know why I kept my socks on for the photo!
  • over 1 year ago
Susan Smith I have never heard of that brand...good to know!
  • over 1 year ago
over 2 years ago
If you have flat feet, this brand's shoes are the right ones for you. The brand does a great job with the product's design, comfort, and colors. You will find shoes for any occasion. I have been buying shoes from this brand for 2 years, and I'm pretty happy with them.