The best shoes of 2023

Carol Mullins - I wear these around the house or running out to the store. I love my crocs. They are comfortable, durable great when watering my garden, because I don't have to worry about them getting wet. I also wore these at the gym/pool/locker-room. They slip on and off easily.
Carly Canter - Only the best shoes in the world!! They have the best support for tired achy feet! They are my go to post run, when I first wake up, or just because I can shoes.
Sara Latronica - We love Crocs in our house- my husband, myself and the kids each have a pair. They're so easy to slip on for around the house activities!
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Brittany Menestrina - These are by far the best tennis shoes I've ever owned!! As an event producer I can be on my feet for upwards of 19 hours and need something that won't kill. These are the only ones that I trust for that!

I have two pairs now of the gray but am waiting for the lavender ones to come back in stock...
Kali Thompson - these are so comfy and also cute!
Amber Neuhold - I love these shoes they are great. They are nice to walk with, not really run with though
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Elexa Martinez - My always go to staple for any outfit. They are my favorite kids shoes and my kids have always had a pair in every size since they were babies. They last so long. super comfortable and have so many style options the possibilities are endless.
Kali Thompson - these are really comfy and go with just about every outfit!
Bethany Kessler - Good shoes. Stylish and casual. Heck-ton of colors. Lasts a long time. 11/10.
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Test Out - Super comfortable shoes! I use these to workout in and pretty much for my everyday on the go type of day.
Kali Thompson - these are probably the comfiest shoes ever!
Chanette Campbell - My second favorite shoe :) when your a mom of three comfort is all your looking for !! These shoes are the best ever , please check them out !
Cindy Hawkins - I’ve tried lots of walking shoes and find myself always going back to Skechers GOwalk Walking shoes. Seriously, I walked all over New York City with my GOwalks and my feet never hurt! They come in so many styles and colors too!
Megan Sammons - I use these shoes for my school shoes and they are super comfortable especially for when I have to walk dogs in kennel.
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Natasha Willis - Toms are my favorite slip on shoes
Christina Nelson - These Toms have been the perfect white slip on shoe to have in my wardrobe. They are surprisingly comfortable to wear all day long and I haven't had any blistering with them. I also love how lightweight they are--I always throw them in my backpack to wear after a long day of walking. Easy to wash...
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Molly Pearcy - We love Keens! We need water shoes every summer because Lake Michigan can have a very rocky bottom. Keens have a tough sole that protect the bottom of your feet. They are also very easy for my kids to get on and off by themselves. Keens are a little more expensive but when I have purchased cheape...
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Andre Palacios - Great Shoes for Everyday use
Victoria Wessel - Allbirds and you can throw them in the wash. happened to break my toe and these comfortable and stylish sneaks were a lifesaver
Shounak Bose - I love Allbirds! I've had them for about 1.5 years now and they're very comfortable for walks and daily use.
Cindy Sersig - I love these athletic shoes. I love the looks of them and they are very comfortable and supportive for my high arch.
Shannon Garbaccio - I'll put in a plug for Asics. They are the only shoes I wear for walking, working out and tennis. They fit me like a glove!! There are a bunch of styles, one of them will be your dream shoe!
morgan tucker - i will never not have a pair of docs in my closet. Theyre some of my favorite shoes. they suck to break in, but once you do, theyre pretty comfortable.
Blake Alvarado - Haha, I mean hellllloooooo, these were so fashionable that I just had to snag them. I don't wear them tho, I just wanted the aesthetic
Kathi Lanoue - I am obsessed with Hey Dude shoes. They are slip on and super cute.
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Brooke Piszczor - Love these shoes for my little guys for water play & summer days! They are laundry safe & do not stink from sweaty feet.
Sara Latronica - Perfect summer shoes for little guys. They're like a combo of gym shoes and sandals!
Erin Lee - I'm a big fan of Pumas. Comfy fit and lots of great styles!
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Julie Joyce - I am a big Skechers fan. Comfy, and some really nice designs.
Cindy Hawkins - I love Skechers. They provide good arch support, comfort, and a variety of styles and colors! it’s so important to take care of your feet while you are young so you don’t have issues later on in life!
Liz Stella - I’m a fan of all Vagabond shoes!
Liloo Manhoff - I wear them every day, and they don't have a strain on them!
Madison Mutziger - Absolutely love these shoes!
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Dakota Stern - This is a super durable shoe ideal for off-roading.
Kelsey Lockard - These are by far my favorite pair of casual shoes! Extremely comfortable, easy to slip on, and completely waterproof!!! Like, go step in puddles waterproof. I wear these shoes almost every day and they are great rain or shine. These shoes were also a lifesaver when I was bike commuting to school,...
Emily Midgley - I LOVE my new Vionic sneakers. I had never heard of this brand until I was shopping in FL and a sales clerk made me try them on. They have amazing cushioning and are so unbelievably comfortable.
Karline Nogales - If you have flat feet, this brand's shoes are the right ones for you. The brand does a great job with the product's design, comfort, and colors. You will find shoes for any occasion. I have been buying shoes from this brand for 2 years, and I'm pretty happy with them.
Elexa Martinez - I have been addicted to Yellow Box flip flops for now over 10 years. The only flip flops I buy now. They are just the right amount of bling for your feet and the most comfortable flip flops around. I have had some last me 4-5 years with lots of hot summer wearing her in Texas.
Cindy Hawkins - I am very picky about my flip flops and these are lovely.
Timothy Sersig - I have used brooks running shoes now for the last 4 years, and absolutely love them.. after running in these I will never go back to any other shoe. Its honestly as if you are running on cotton. The impact to your knees and ankles virtually is non existent with these things. I would highly recomm...
Paul Madill - I love the shoes and the company

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