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over 1 year ago
I love Zenni! They make glasses affordable by skip the Warby Parker prices especially when you don't insurance. I can get my script, new frames, Blue light blocking, and anti glare for $25-30 each pair.

Obviously, they have more expensive options but if you're like me and like to change it up spending on your mood or outfit, it's a great solution.
almost 3 years ago
Eye glasses, Sunglasses, safety, and much more! I have been purchasing my regular glasses from them for a couple years now. They are inexpensive and still great quality with warranty! I actually just purchased two more pairs last week! They ship in 2-3 weeks tops and usually show up early. I can purchase 3 pairs a year alone with insurance. Definitely worth checking out if you are someone who wears glasses (even just for reading) and are tired of paying $300+!