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Carly Canter

Admin at Pierce Conservation District ~ Health, Fitness and Sustainability Guru. Always looking on the brighter side.
Joined about 1 year ago

Carly Recommends


Apple Airpods
I have used wired headphones for as long as I can remember! But as soon as I got my first pair of Airpods, my life changed forever. From not having to worry about coiling them properly, to untangling them...I will never go back to wired. These are great for apple products, as well as Samsung. They connect to all my devices and make my work meetings much easier to be heard clearly without excess background noise.
Apple Ipad Mini 4
Perfect sized tablet for all your needs! From streaming your favorite services to reading your digital books, this tablet does it all! Affordable, will not break the bank and compactable to fit in any backpack or purse!
Apple Pencil
Tablet Accessories
I love to paint, but I hate the mess. As soon as I learned that my iPad can configure to the apple pencil I bought it. I can draw, work on spreadsheets for work, and so much more.
Apple Watch SE
I gifted my family the gift of technology for Christmas this year. For someone who ALWAYS carries their phone, this is a great solution. You can leave it at home on accident and still be able to use your watch to call, text or walkie talkie people! Great gift for all your techies!
Bean Box Coffee Sampler
Great for yourself or as a gift!
Belkin Braided USB-C to Lightning Cable
So many times the cords that come with a phone break or bend so far that the wires are exposed. These don't. 10/10 Recommend for all your device needs.
Bionare Fans
Living in the Pacific Northwest, we have never required air conditioning in our house. When it gets hot, we get BIONAIRE. They offer floor, desk and standing fans. Since working from home, I am in a stuff part of the house. I ordered a desk fan in May and I use it regularly, even now in December!
Dating is taken to a whole new level with this app. Way before the pandemic started, I discovered this site. After talking with many of my female friends who tried other apps, they can agree this is the best. No longer do you have creepy people messaging you randomly, or matching with someone and they send you a cringe worthy message, BECAUSE...this app is LADIES first. To start a conversation, you have to make the first move. It puts the power in YOUR hands to find the one.
Cube Storage Organizer
I LOVE these. I use one in my bedroom to organize under clothing, and accessories to one in the laundry room with detergents, shoes and other mudroom needs. They have the greatest bins made for them in a million colors and patterns! The cubes are typically found in 3x3 or 4x2, but nonetheless they all do justice to help you stay organized!
Dash Air Fryer
Air Fryer
Who doesn't love crispy fries in a matter of minutes from home AND don't need to be coated in oil? Uh, well we invested into a Dash Air Fryer about 2 years ago and we LOVE IT. As a kid my parents would pull out the deep fryer to make chicken nuggets or fish sticks and fries for dinner from time to time. Now there is a healthier alternative for so many other food options too! Highly recommend, great for roasting veggies and even cooking steak!
Duraflame Heater
Space Heater
I have never kept our living room so warm! These heaters are amazing. We love them so much we have two others within our general living quarters.
Fire TV With 4k Ultra Hd
Streaming Media Player
I have been a supporter of Amazons devices for many years now. I have had this for over 2 years and it still amazing. I can speak to my TV via Alexa and control the tv without the use of any other remotes!
GE French Door Refrigerator
Quality appliance, decent space, and overall good valued purchase. My office purchased one for our breakroom and we love it. Easy to clean too!
Happy Planner
From a work meeting, to personal appointments, to making your grocery lists, these planners can do it all! They are very much reusable and you can insert new pages as necessary! I love mine. I use planner stickers from different users on easy to help me stay organized and working most efficiently!
Hydro Flask
Water Bottle
Have you ever thought about how many plastic water bottles you use in a month? How about a year? That's a scary thought, right? Invest in a Hydro Flask! They are insulated, reusable water bottles, coffee mugs...both hot and iced, and more. They come in many different sizes and styles for all your hydration needs, as well as a rainbow of color options. I personally have over 7 different ones. They are all unique for their shapes, kind of like us! They also offer accessories too! Such as lids with straws(Reusable), the sport-cap, and a rubber bumper for the bottom. When these first came out, people felt indifferent about them because one drop and it would dent the bottom. Now these bumpers are available and are truly life changing. Go save the world and use one less plastic bottle daily!
Who spends a lot of money on groceries, online shopping, etc. every month? Everyone...? Well this app is here to the rescue! They offer CASH BACK on normal shopping trips and for your online shopping needs. They also have bonus cash for so many offers earned monthly! Originally they were an app only program, but in the last few months the released a desktop version of their app. Check it out and save some money!
KitchenAid Mixer
Stand Mixer
From Pizza dough to cookies, to shredding cooked chicken or pork! I love my KitchenAid Mixer. It lives on our counter and gets used on the regular. There are tons of different add-on items you can attach to this as well! I haven't tried it, but I heard there is an add on to make pasta, How cool is that!
Kong Toys
Dog Toy
Strongest dogs toys around! They're great for all ages and my favorite for the youngsters.
Life Fasting
I started my fitness journey a few months ago. One of my good friends told me about fasting and introduced me to this app. I love it. It is user friendly and has helped me control any urge to over eat. The app is available in the Apple and the Google Play stores. Check it out!
Lodge Cast Iron Pan
Sustainable material and will last 10x longer than any non-stick skillet!
Lodge Enamel Cast Iron
Heavy, but one of the best options for cooking! They are long lasting and will outlast your typical stockpots. We use ours to make soups and our famous Mac N Cheese! Great investment!
Logitech K750 Keyboard
I work from a laptop at home these days. I quickly noticed upper back pain after a week or two back in march. I realized that my laptop keyboard was too narrow for constant use during the week! When I was working in the office, I had a Logitech K750 Wireless Solar Keyboard. I ended up bringing it home and my back pain has slightly improved! The short keys are similar to a laptop, and moderately quiet too. 10/10!
Logitech Mx Vertical Wireless Mouse
I was diagnosed with tendonitis in my right thumb in November 2019. Since then I have been using a brace on and off to handle the flair ups of pain. When I was wearing it at work I noticed my computer mouse was next to impossible to actually use, and I ended up learning all the keyboard functions I could. To fix the mouse problem I found this, and ever since I have purchased a second one for my home office too. If you are like me and live on the computer all day long during the week, this is a great investment to make. There are other great brands too!
Food Container
An affordable plastic bag alternative! These are COMPOSTABLE too! Never need to use plastic bags ever again.
Makeup Eraser
Whether you wear minimal makeup or not, this is the solution you are needing! No more wasting small or non eco friendly making remover towelettes. I bought these for all my friends one Christmas and they we're all raving about them! Great way to save money AND the environment.
Melaluca Clear Defense Hand Sanitizer
Hand Sanitizer
When COVID 19 first hit and sanitizer was not even a thing, I discovered Clear Defense. It is moisturizing, sanitizing and has a lovely cucumber smell! Also, its made with 97% plant based ingredients too!
Microsoft Outlook
Working from home is the new normal. We use everything Microsoft 365. Outlook is by far the best email platform I have ever dealt with. The Calendar functions sync to all their other programs as well! Great way to get AND stay organized!
Microsoft Teams
During this pandemic, my office has been using Microsoft Teams for many of our virtual meetings, and sending quick messages. Simple to use and easy to understand for all ages!
Fitness Tracker
Syncs to many other fitness apps and products from watches to scales.
Nintendo Switch
Gaming Console
Whether your a handheld, or large screen gamer...this is the device for you. The versatility is just phenomenal for all your needs AND you can still play multiplayer with all your friends!
North Drinkware Mt. Rainier Pint
Great for a gift!
Pentel Energel Liquid Gel Pens
Best office pens I have ever used. I have the rainbow of colors for all my work needs. They also sell refills too!
From mixing bowls, to casserole dishes, to containers for leftovers...these products have been around for over 100 YEARS! Their quality is just amazing and they withstand so much heat! My parents have been collecting the older Pyrex for years, many items of which still usable to full function! The only difference between the old and the new is that you CANNOT put the old in the dishwasher. I have been replacing all my plastic leftover containers with Pyrex for the last few years to promote sustainability. So far, many people have jumped on the bandwagon with me! Will you?
Ring Doorbell
Great product to protect your house. We have had issues in the past with package theft, which is no longer an issue for us! Our house is designed that we live in the back of the house and so we never heard our previous doorbell. Now, with our Ring Doorbell connected to our Amazon Alexa, we know when someone is here!
Rite in the Rain
For all your field work needs, this paper is the only paper that will withstand water. Whether its rain water or you drop your journal in the lake while your taking samples, it does the job!
Samsung Galaxy S10+
I have owned a Samsung device for almost my entire life. I loved the earlier models I owned but this one by far takes the cake. It offers so much more space, and takes INCREDIBLE pictures on all of its cameras! The only downfall is the price...but even that is still worth it!
Samsung Galaxy Watch Active
I was loyal to another brand of fitness trackers since they first came out, UNTIL I discovered the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active! It can track everything! From your sleep patterns to how many hours you've been active. I use a waist band to carry my phone when I workout, be at the gym or outside. I love the feature that lets me start my workout without using my phone! I can set as many 'typical' workouts I do and If it is not an option...I can create a new one! Aside from fitness, this watch also tells me who is calling, lets me see my text messages and I can see my Facebook Messenger or Snapchat notification too. Seize the day and buy yourself a new watch!
Sonicare Toothbrush
Dentist recommended, one of the best electric toothbrushes around.
St Ives Apricot Scrub
Best exfoliating scrub around and very affordable/easy to find. I use this 4 days a week and my skin is glowing after!
Staples Better Binder
Office Supplies
These are the toughest binders I have seen and have lasted 10x longer with all the dropping, bending that happens to them at work. They come in a large array of colors too!
Stashers Reusable Food Storage
Food Container
These are AMAZING! They are easy to use and even easier to clean, dishwasher safe! I have over a dozen different sizes and colors. They are very durable for all ages, especially small children AND they help save the planet! You can't beat that.
The Better Skin Company | Lava Magik - a Face Cleanser
I got this as a gift one year for my birthday and I have been in love ever since! The smell, texture and quality is just phenomenal! One container also lasts forever it seems since you only use a peas size drop. This is by far the best face scrub I have used. It is somewhat abrasive, so I only use it 2-3 times at most a week. But the immediate glow when you wash it off, AMAZING!
Trader Joe's Everything But the Bagel Seasoning Blend
I put this on EVERYTHING from eggs, to toast, to veggies roasted, to whatever my hearts desire! It's literally life.
Varidesk® Pro Plus
Working from home, I lack the option to have a standing desk. I recently discovered VariDesk® Pro Plus 36. I LOVE it, and so does my back. Fits on all table top surfaces and adjusts to a full standing desk in seconds!
My mother thought I was crazy when I said I wanted a Waterpik for my birthday a few years ago. I have always loved flossing, there is something therapeutic about it for me. You know you over do it, when the dentist tells you to stop the frequency...OR get a Waterpik! They are less harmful to your gums and remove so much more than floss does!
Xbox Game Pass
Video Game
Great gift and best value for all your gamer needs!
Xbox One
Gaming Console
Gaming is been a hobby of mine for many years. It may have taken me a while to fully upgrade all my systems, but I could not be happier! I love the Xbox one, it is speedy and allows me to play much longer than the 360 with the speed and style of its fan system. Great addition to any gamers collection of systems!
Zenni Optical
Eye glasses, Sunglasses, safety, and much more! I have been purchasing my regular glasses from them for a couple years now. They are inexpensive and still great quality with warranty! I actually just purchased two more pairs last week! They ship in 2-3 weeks tops and usually show up early. I can purchase 3 pairs a year alone with insurance. Definitely worth checking out if you are someone who wears glasses (even just for reading) and are tired of paying $300+!

Special Occasions

7 Seas Brewery
Alexis Gerimonte Photography
great work at a fair price!
Ashley's Room
They always have great quality clothing, and you can sell your gently used clothing there to get store credit!
Bliss Small Batch Creamery
Ice Cream
Finding local and non-chain Ice Cream that actually tastes good is hard to come by. Until my sister and I discovered this place. Created by two sisters, they offer so many options for all dietary needs or restrictions. My favorite is the Butterscotch Oatmeal Cookie!
Blue Mouse Theater
Vintage atmosphere with great films!
Cattins Family Restaurant
Blast from the past, diner style atmosphere with amazing comfort food. Their Biscuits and Gravy are by far the best item on the menu!
Corina Bakery
They offer gluten free, dairy free and vegetarian options and their coffee is delicious!
Craft 19
Delicious food with a casual atmosphere.
Crockett's Public House
Their Fried Chicken and Waffles is to die for! They were also featured on Diner, Drive-ins and Dives back in 2013!
Don's Drive-In
They are open during COVID for take out or delivery through GrubHub!
Farm 12
Delicious food, beautiful atmosphere.
Fiesta Taqueria
Street Tacos with different salsa options and delicious but strong drinks!
Flatstick Pub
Delicious beer and PUTT PUTT?? Uh you got it! they have 3 locations. Each location has different course options too!
Fred Meyer Jewelers
Giorgio's Greek Cafe
Happy Donuts
Best donut holes ever!
Ice Cream Social
Ice Cream
Not only about the experience, but that they offer non dairy options! Mind Blown.
Infinite Soups
Jewel Box Cafe
Main St Dairy Freeze
Great food, even been milkshakes! This diner styled, drive up restaurant has been a family favorite for as long as I can remember. If they are busy, call ahead to order and pick up!
Mama Stortini's Restaurant and Bar
Best Italian food in the area, however they have other options if you're not feeling Italian. Fair priced, great for take out and even better for gathering(When those can happen again!).
Meadow Park
Recreational Activities
Beautiful Course with a heated driving range.
Mike and Terry's Outdoor Fun Park
Recreational Activities
Two putt putt courses, batting cages AND go carts? They offer specials on purchasing a combination of the 3!
Molly Moon's
Ice Cream
I visit whenever I adventure around Seattle. 10/10 the best!
Odd Otter
Great Brews!
Pacific Island Grill
Pho King
Best Pho in town, the owners are really nice too!
Pioneer Park Pavilion
Great venue for a large gathering. Ample parking available as well!
Pips Donuts
Best donuts in town. They also have many different amazing Chai Tea options to pair with your mini donuts.
Pittock Mansion
This is one of the greatest places to tour and visit in Portland. The history of the house and how it was rebuild after a devastating storm. Built in 1914, this 23-room mansion is a museum, featuring gardens, period furnishings & scenic views.
Portland Cider Co.
Stopped here on a trip through Portland. 10/10 Would go back. Their food is delicious, but the Cider is even better! They say an apple a day keeps the Doctor away...does that include cider??
Powerhouse Restaurant and Brewery
Their food is AMAZING! They have the best fried pickles around.
Simply Goodness Soda Shop
Can't beat an amazing panini sandwich with a cocktail made with fresh/local syrups. You have got to check this place out! They sell their syrups online and at many of the boutiques in Buckley and Enumclaw. They are open through December 18th for the season then they will reopen their shop in the spring time. Best Sandwich available: Dan the Man Best Cocktail available: Cascadian Hope
Sparks Firehouse Deli
Great service, delicious food
Spooky Little Candle Co
Women lead business alert!! These produced by hand and are completely organic. From Candles to wax melts, they have incredible scents. These are not only great for your home, but make even better gifts!
Station House 726
Classic venue with ample parking for large gatherings.
The Buttered Biscuit
Breakfast here NEVER disappoints!
The Liberty Theater
Beautiful space for weddings, birthdays and more! They are also a working theater for local theater shows.
The Rose Restaurant
Great hearty breakfast! They have a wall with personal coffee cups for each of the regulars who come in!
The Station U-Brew
Great brews and plenty of outdoor seating to enjoy! good for gatherings up to 25 people outside.
Tk Irish Pub
Amazing shepards pie. Staff are great, better to take an Uber or lift than look for parking.
Top of Tacoma
Their food is amazing! limited seating available but worth the wait!
Trackside Pizza
Family friendly atmosphere
Veggie Co-Op
Wanna Cupcake
Delicious gourmet cupcakes for all occasions.
Wicked Pie Pizza
Best Pizza in Puyallup!! I am lactose intolerant and this is the only pizza I am willing to risk the stomach issues for. They have a fabulous happy hour menu and recently added a couple tables for outdoor dining!
Willamette Valley Pie Co. Farm Retail Store
Salem, OR
For someone who is NOT a pie person... this place is where you need to go. Fresh Pies and sweet treats sold here as well as jams, frozen pies and local frozen berries.


Blue Max Meats
Family owned and open Tuesday - Saturday, they can solve all your meat problems. Fresh, smoked, cured, or all of the above! I love getting their North Country Sausage to make Red Beans and Rice. 10/10!
Butcher Boys Beef Outlet
Internet Provider
Best service in WA state. I used to work for them up in Seattle, as a former employee and a customer I would never switch.
Computer Shack
Computer Repair
Lucid Press
Design Center
Salt Lake City
I have been using Lucid Press to create a monthly newsletter for my work. Very affordable subscription, however not necessary to use the program.
McLendon Hardware
Hardware Store
They always have what you're looking for and more!
Northern Fish Products
Seafood Market
PCC Market
Puyallup Legacy Laundry
Lots of machines available to use, staff are very friendly.
Recycling Resources
Junk Removal
Great location, friendly staff, and honest work.
Stadium Thriftway
From your regular grocery items to specialty, they sell it all!
Sterino Farms
Locally sourced fruits, vegetables and other goodies. They have specials certain days of the week that different food trucks visit their lot. Sundays the Fisher Scone truck is there, and Wednesdays The Frying Dutchman visits.
Tacoma Boys
The Old Cannery Furniture Warehouse
They offer great value and warranty in their furniture. My family has been a loyal customers for over two decades! They have good financing options if necessary and have a 'Scratch & Dent' section that won't break the bank!
Trader Joes
I go here every week to pick up my groceries. They offer amazing products, similar to expensive name brand items, but in THEIR brand for less! Doesn't hurt to save a little, right?
Valley Upholstery
We have recovered and repaired many items in our house. From the living room couch, to antique furniture passed down, they have done it all!
Watson's Nursery
The staff are friendly and they offer a wide variety of plants and trees for both indoors and out! They even have a kitty that roams the greenhouses too!
Whole Foods
Natural and Organic items that cater to all dietary needs. I love making a visit once a week to get some essentials that I can't get at any regular grocery store.
Yelm Food Co-Op
Yelm, WA
I love supporting local places, especially a local Co-op! They have specialty food that I search high and low for with my food allergies. Great stop on your travels.
YouTube TV
TV Provider


410 Dental Associates
I have been going here for years! Kind staff
Dr. Ayumi Salva
I recently started working with MultiCare Center of Weight Loss and Wellness. This is my new and amazing Doctor. She really helped me breakdown my history and was able to diagnose some issues I had as a child with food. I recommend her because she is helping me become the better me, Healthier and Happier!
Dr. Douglas Backous (Swedish Medical Group)
Ear Nose and Throat
I ruptured my eardrum in the beginning of the pandemic. They got me in their office as soon as they could.
Dr. Jordan Thaanum
Great guy, very kind and gentle. He is funny and family oriented. I have been a patient since before he opened this practice. 10/10 Amazing!
Dr. Mark Grubb (Woodcreek Pediatrics)
Great individual, quality care.
Ear Nose Throat & Allergy Center
Ear Nose and Throat
Short wait time and friendly staff.
High Cedar
Driving Range has the best view of Mount Rainier. Staff truly care about the health and safety of their staff and clients.
Linden Golf and Country Club
Milton-Edgewood Eye Clinic
Eye Doctor
Molen Orthodontics
Great staff and fair prices.
MultiCare Sumner Medical Associates
Love them!
Riverside Chiropractic Centre
Jordan Thaanum is a great Chiropractor. I used to see him specifically even before he opened his own practice.
Smiles Orthodontics
Best rates for your frames and lenses. Covered by some insurances too!








Anthem Coffee & Tea
Bean Box
Delicious coffee, delivered to your door...What more could you ask for? Highly recommend checking them out.
Bean Tree
Birkenstock Northwest
Consumer Product
I purchase all my birks here. They have a tent sale yearly around Labor Day and Memorial Day. Quality shoes at a decent price.
Bluebeard Coffee Roasters
Brooks Sports Outlet
My sister is a regular runner and ALWAYS buys her shoes from here. She has said that they offer the best support.
Bubble Tea
Cowgirl Cup
Nicest barista's around! They are kind and work hard to remember their customers! I have been going here for the last 6 years!
Eddie Bauer
Consumer Product
Similar to many other outdoor clothing companies, Eddie Bauer offers great deals and holds its value. They celebrate 100 years of service this year too and they're based out of the Pacific Northwest and even better...our backyard, Seattle!
Fresh Chalk
I am so glad my best friend showed this to me.
Gravity Coffee
Best blended white chocolate mocha out there! Staff are friendly and very efficient.
Hess Bakery & Deli
Best soft pretzels in town, must visit if you're in the area!
Consumer Product
Bethesda, MD
Sustainable living is hard with the temptation of simple plastic packaging. One Lunchskin bag replaces over 500 PLASTIC baggies. [Mind Blown]
Maris Farms
Farm Store
Great Pumpkin patch for all ages!
Metro Coffee
Metropolitan Market
Speciality Food and Wine
Great store full of unique foods and wines. You must try "The Cookie" on your next visit!
Consumer Product
Online subscriptions are everything 2020... who doesn't love a monthly surprise? MightyNest is everything sustainable. From beauty products, to household cleaners, to sustainable everyday food packaging, they have it all!
Nike Community Store
Consumer Product
Who doesn't love TAX FREE and clearance?? I always stop when I am headed through Portland.
Parkway Tavern
Great place to meet friends for a game night! Not only do they have a ton on tap, but they have numerous board games available to play.
Playback Sports
Sports Equipment
Fairly priced equipment that won't break the bank!
Saint Francis House
Donation Center
They don't sell donated items like goodwill or value village. They are locally ran and we've been donating there for a couple decades now.
Scholz Farms
Farm Store
I have gone here at least once a season to get my picture taken with the "How Tall Are You" sign. We have family pictures since before I was thought of.
Tacoma Book Center
Used Book Store
Tacoma Glass Blowing Studio
Art School
Beautiful Work! Not only can you support local artists by buying their pieces.. but you can take classes and learn how to make your own art! They have twice yearly sales too to clean out their stock! Follow them on Facebook.
The Grand Cinema
Workspace Interior
Business Organizer
Discovered through Office Depot, they offer all sorts of structure and other customized items to build an office!

Carly's Conversations

Katie Drucker
about 2 months ago • Laurelhurst
I have an antique gold ring that is in need of some repair. Does anyone have a recommendation of a good jeweler who fixes older pieces? Thx!
Augustina Liu
3 months ago • South Lake Union
I recently have many pimples growing on my face, which even leave many red spots and dark spots after they disappear. Since Sephora is going to hav...
Ryan Bruss
3 months ago • Redmond
I'm finally getting around to setting up the smart home devices at my new house and now have as many Google Home devices as Alexa devices (they lov...
Ben Shorr
4 months ago • Ravenna
I'm looking for a landscape contractor (landscape architect or designer) that is RainWise certified with the city to install a rain garden in my ya...
Christopher Penaloza
5 months ago • Redmond
Looking for a good furniture repair to make new cushion inserts for a leather sofa. They are a little flat after use and want to get news foam for ...
Carly Canter
5 months ago • Puyallup
My parents house was built in 1910. The roof was last replaced in the 80's. They are looking for a reputable company that can replace their current...
Stephanie Pederson
5 months ago • Tacoma
I can’t believe our sone has already outgrown his bike! Does anyone have a favorite place lace to buy a kid bike, preferably in the Tacoma area?
Zaris Shen
6 months ago • Woodinville
Hi Everyone 👋, Today is my first day at FreshChalk! So excited 😁 . I just graduated from UW in Summer 2020🎓 and just (August 2020) bought my first...
Jen Hope
6 months ago • Queen Anne
Hey y'all! I'm looking to find a wonderful copywriter to help with small ongoing projects for an HR solutions firm. It would be ideal to find someo...
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