Porchlight Coffee
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over 2 years ago
This is super cool
almost 3 years ago
Around the same time my previous startup (Moz) got into the software business, Porchlight Coffee opened on Capitol Hill. Zach Bolotin, the founder, was in the shop day and night, working harder than I did on my company, and surely for less pay (at least, after we got venture-funded). But every time I walked into his cafe, Zach was an absolute delight. No matter how busy or empty, rainy or sunny, the barista/entrepreneur was a ray of joy, even on rough days.

Oh, and the coffee? Superb. Pick up a pound of their Drip Blend for $14. Maybe grab a few art prints or mugs while you’re at it. Anyone with a modicum of nostalgia for the Seattle of decades past will love it.