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Carl Haynes
about 11 hours ago • Ballard
With quarantine and now school streaming we are hitting the Comcast data limits (We've come close or gone over the last few months). The kids now s...
4 replies
about 3 hours ago
Adam Doppelt Do you have a choice of providers? So jealous. Most areas are limited to Comcast cable and/or Centurylink fiber. If you have are in a dense neighborhood you might be able to get Atlas.

I only hit Comcast data caps once. I was running a screensaver that imitated the beautiful AppleTV 4k idle videos. The author of the screensaver eventually figured out that he should implement caching... Whoops.

I can't even check our usage on Comcast at the moment. See below. Maybe cause I'm using my own modem?
Carl Haynes Thanks, looks like the unlimited is $30 a month extra, which I may just give it a few months to see if we pay more than that in extras. Took a look at Atlas, but it looks like its just for buildings.
Adam Doppelt Usually you can get Comcast to back off with the larded up fees by giving them a call and threatening to leave. How much is two hours worth to ya? :p
Brooklyn Benjestorf
5 days ago • Capitol Hill
Hey y'all - I'm in search of a good tailor and dry cleaner on Capitol Hill. Any suggestions?
2 replies
5 days ago
Liz Pearce Green Dry Cleaners at 15th and John - super nice and the owner has done a number of alterations for me.
Meredith Fife I think the tailor depends on what you need fixed. If it's outdoor gear, I've heard great things about Rainy Pass Repair. Northwest Tailor and Cleaners has some great reviews on FC , but I think they are Queen Anne. Hope you find someone!
Kuber Sharma
5 days ago • Ravenna
Looking for someone to help replace a couple of outdoor faucets
3 replies
3 days ago
Liz Pearce I've gotten good service from Scott at Simple Solutions 👍
Erin Papworth I've used these guys:
Ryan Bruss I can't recommend Price Busters Plumbing enough. They were very knowledgeable and reasonably priced.
Gowri Shankar
6 days ago • Bellevue
Hello Looking for a vent & duct cleaning company recommendation for cleaning our rental in North Seattle, a single family & single story house. TY
3 replies
4 days ago
Liz Pearce Hi, @GForce! Recently I used Alpine Specialty Cleaning and had a great experience. They were reasonably priced, polite, quick, and the communication was solid.
Meredith Fife Hi Gowri, Airganic is family owned and operated and I have heard good things about them. I also have heard good things about Envirosmart. I don't know how far north they go but I think they would cover North Seattle.
Fiona Lennard Aurora-Edmonds has serviced our furnace and cleaned our ducts/vents for 20+ years. We have been very happy with their service.
Thanh Dinh
6 days ago • Kirkland
Hey everyone, I'm looking for a residential house cleaning service in Kirkland. Any recommendations? Thank you so much!
5 replies
1 day ago
Thanh Dinh Awesome! Thank you so much @ryan and @doug! 👍🏻
Amy Woidtke I refer clients to NW Spotless Cleaning. They are long time residents, family and POC owned. All my clients have rave reviews of their services and in particular, one client who is SUPER particular LOVES them!
Ido Ohad Raulindo Santos (goes by Santos), an amazing cleaning and great person, quick and efficient. +1 (425) 399-4466

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