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I would like to replace my zonal electric heaters with a mini split or something else more efficient/ user friendly. What recommendations do you ha...
2 replies
Last reply 2 days ago
Mia Pelt Integrity Energy Systems!
Adam Doppelt I had good luck with Blue Flame, which put a ductless mini-split into our attic a couple of years ago. There were some bumps during the install, but they got the job done and the system works great. How did we ever live without AC in those rooms? Excellent customer service too.
Hello! Can anyone recommend a company that can clean/unclog gutters and remove moss from a roof?
4 replies
Last reply 3 days ago
Kari O'Driscoll Love Capitol Cleaning. Can't say enough about how great they are with regard to price, results, and responsiveness. I've been using them for years for all sorts of things.
Adam Doppelt @Karilod - they do gutters and roofs? I might need this too
Kari O'Driscoll They do! They're pretty full-service
Does anyone have a good hardwood flooring contractor/installer, experienced with condo associations in Queen Anne area? Thanks Fresh Chalkers!
4 replies
Last reply 3 days ago
Alex M. Dunne Confirmed. They did and I do recommend Richie and his team at Akamai. Lightening fast, very detailed craftsmanship, easy to work with.
Sara Eizen I highly recommend Vogel's - as an interior designer I work with them A LOT. Great selection and service.
Adam Broetje I second the Incredible customer service.
Fresh Chalkers! Would love recommendations on great acupuncturists in either downtown or Montlake— thank you!
9 replies
Last reply 2 days ago
Adam Broetje Another great one is
Mia Pelt Acupuncture NW on Olive Way - smart and evidence-based practitioners.
Rebecca Lovell Thank you, Mia!
Anyone familiar with Korean day spas, any favorites in the Seattle area? I'm thinking I need a good scrub refresh and a little R&R in various miner...
4 replies
Last reply 1 day ago
Liz Pearce Yuan Spa in Bellevue has hydrotherapy - I toured it recently and it's beautiful!
Gina Tran We’ve gone to Yuan Spa in Bellevue and Q Spa in Lynnwood. Both are co-ed but I prefer Q Spa since they have dedicated male-only and female-only spaces where you can be nude while Yuan only has co-ed spaces that require a bathing suit. Q Spa also has an in-house restaurant which is divine. Q Spa is great to go with a partner while I’d go to Olympus if I’m solo or with some girlfriends.
Molly von Mitschke-Collande Olympus in Lynnwood is the best. Hands down. Women only. Be comfortable in sporting your birthday suit for the day and in spending a long time relaxing there! Restaurant is on site, so you actually never have to leave. Book the scrub AND the moisture wrap, it's the best experience and worth the drive and $$$.

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