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Carolyn Gracz
about 5 hours ago • Madrona
Hello! Can anyone recommend a trusted in-home dog and cat sitter? Either an individual or through a company like Rover? Our dog doesn't do well wit...
1 reply
about 5 hours ago
Amy Bates I love Great service, easy to manage website, and so very very reliable
Zaris Shen
3 days ago • Woodinville
Hi Everyone 👋, Today is my first day at FreshChalk! So excited 😁 . I just graduated from UW in Summer 2020🎓 and just (August 2020) bought my first...
6 replies
about 4 hours ago
Kelsey Lockard Zaris! So exciting you bought a house! 😀 Congrats. Welcome to freshchalk!
Daniel Lindsey Congrats, now for some settling in!
Carla Canter Congratulations!! Welcome to Freshchalk! :)
Michael Giambalvo
3 days ago • Greenlake
We're having a issue with rain soaking in through our siding, and could use an expert.
1 reply
3 days ago
Adam Doppelt I've had a number of leaks in this house, unfortunately. We face Elliott Bay and the wind driven rain loves to come right in. We rebuilt brick walls, put up gutters, added flashing, re-did the stucco, tuckpointed... it went on and on through many projects (and loads of $$$). I dread the sound of dripping.

I tried a few waterproofing experts but didn't get very far with them. Experienced contractors know how to properly protect a wall, but that doesn't mean they can trace a leak. It can be very difficult to determine the original source.

Ultimately we just rebuilt the parts of the house that were leaking, and we picked contractors who would stand by their work if things leaked again. I wish I had better news for you.

The other thing that works for us is caulking the trouble spots every year. That's a $200 job that might forestall a $10,000 leak.
Lora Shahine
4 days ago • Madison Park
Prefer mobile groomer that can come to our house in Seattle. But all recommendations welcome. Thank you!!
2 replies
4 days ago
Steve Dossick We're big fans of Kristi's grooming on capitol hill, not mobile but our Labradoodle is never overstressed from being dropped off there. All the dogs inside are very calm, and Cooper comes out looking super handsome when they're done with him :)
Liz Pearce My friends @kathleenj and @GsDad both say good things about Just Around the Corner in Madison Valley!
Lawrence Lerner
5 days ago • Queen Anne
This group is full of amazing talent with lots of connections. I thought I would share these two roles and ask if you'd open your networks :) Avan...

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