The best hot sauces of 2023

Elissa Tompkins - Heartbeat has so many unique flavors of hot sauce and I’ve loved every flavor I’ve tried so far!
Natasha Willis - I love this one and the jalapeño sauce. Amazing flavoring!
Mandi Pacer - Pairs nicely with a burrito bowl from Chipotle! Love the smokey Adobe flavors that enhance any dish.
Zan Hudson - This is my fav seasoning to use on meat and to add flavor to any type of food.
Mandi Pacer - Now having dated a Mexican-American for almost 5 years, I've been introduced to some delicious snacks and condiments I cannot live without, especially Chamoy. We love to put it on alcoholic drinks, virgin summertime mocktails, fruit and Mexican candy.
Victoria Grinde - So I am usually a Green Tabasco or Sriracha girl BUT I somehow found this stuff randomly when I was at Whole Food and man I am glad fate made me buy it! Everything about this sauce is great! The flavor is amazing! I love that it has a little kick but that kick doesn't overpower the flavor at all.
Paula Claure - We love the flavor. We use it for salads, dressing, sauces. It's our favorite to eat with Sushi just a little in the soy sauce can make a huge difference.
Zoe Gregorace - Love these sauce, been putting it on everything- stir fry, eggs and avocado toast!
Clau C - I've tried this for marinating grill chicken skewers and recently with pork back ribs. So yummy! Not too sweet and just the right amount of spiciness. I love that it's a local business too!