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over 2 years ago
This Burnet road-based salon consistently helps me feel and look good. They make you feel welcome for the whole experience. Top points for their Sharamey, she has the skills!
over 3 years ago
So, I really debated on writing this review because my stylist was so sweet but after talking to multiple people about my experience I've decided to share.

I was looking for a stylist that can work with a pixie since my usual girl is all booked up through March. When I called I specifically asked for someone that could work with pixies and that I needed it cleaned up on the bottom half. I got to my appointment about 15 minutes early, they were pretty polite, asked me if I wanted anything to drink, and I proceeded to wait for my stylist to come and get me. Throughout the haircut she was very friendly, chatted with me, and was just overall pleasant.

About halfway through the cut, my stylist cuts me pretty significantly on my right ear. She is extremely apologetic, gets someone to help her because the bleeding didn't want to stop, and just continues To profusely apologize and let me know how she has never cut anyone before. I let her know the accidents happen, but it did definitely affect her confidence because she pulls out the clippers instead of continuing with a scissor cut like we had previously discussed. By this point I just want the cut to be over because I get it, you feel bad you cut me, but I'm the one that is still bleeding. The stylus was sweet and I truly do believe accidents happen so the one start is not for her effort, it's for what came when it was time to check out.

Not only were they NOT apologetic for my poor experience with getting cut at their salon, there was not even an offer of a discount or anything to show "hey your service is appreciated and we're sorry you had less than excellent service today". I have never been cut at a hair salon before so I was expecting some sort of a discount for this poor experience, but after talking to several people they were surprised that my haircut wasn't free. I have been going to Salon's that tend to be on the pricey side because I enjoyed the experience, the products, and I truly believe you get what you pay for. But at this location, I did not get what I paid for. I got cut, I have a huge scab on my ear in two spots because I was cut into different parts on my ear, and I will never go back to the salon again. If your customers have less than stellar experience and you are charging over $60 for a haircut, then the experience better be amazing.

I am extremely disappointed in my experience at ritual salon and you must do something to revise your policies on how you support your customers when your stylist do not do an amazing job. The stylist was very sweet and I am OK with the haircut I received, but the entire experience has left a bad taste in my mouth and you should avoid this place if you want professional customer service.
recommended by Sara Belll Davila
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