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COVID-19 status 4 months ago
In light of the latest stay-at-home order issued by the Gov. Inslee, Ridwell will continue to operate as an essential business under the Transportation and Delivery classification. To ensure the health of our employees and our members, we will co...
In light of the latest stay-at-home order issued by the Gov. Inslee, Ridwell will continue to operate as an essential business under the Transportation and Delivery classification.

To ensure the health of our employees and our members, we will continue to maintain at least 6 feet of distance between any members or other employees. All material will continue to be sanitized and we are closely monitoring the situation for any further changes.

If you or a family member is symptomatic, please do not opt into pickups. In that case, we will happily take any accumulated overflow once you resume service free of charge.

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6 days ago
I have no idea what these people do but everyone in the neighborhood has a box on their front step so it must be good right?
3 months ago
Ridwell makes getting rid of waste from your household easy.
3 months ago
So easy to recycle SO much more than can go in the weekly recycling bin.
3 months ago
We've been Ridwell customers for about half a year now. We mostly use them for recycling of plastic films - which I wish the city would do - and they also pick up a variety of other items for reuse and recycling. They do what they say they do - we're satisfied customers.
6 months ago
Just signed up last week and so far I'm obsessed with filling up the bags they provide...especially the half garage full of Styrofoam that's been collecting. I also love the concept of the rotating categories (i.e. legos, corks, electrical cords, etc). No more saving all this up all year and making the dump run, hazardous waste run, etc to cut into precious weekend time. Well worth the investment! I also hear that they will soon be adding latex paint!!! Awesome.
6 months ago
Ridwell is amazing, and they recycle plastic film (the main reason I have them) -- this includes your Amazon Mailers! They also regularly collect batteries, light bulbs, "threads" (clothing), Styrofoam (fee is $9), and other items are rotated throughout the year: plastic forks etc., toner cartridges, toothpaste tubs, and tons of other things! I paid upfront and the entire year was only $120 (not including the Styrofoam pick ups).
8 months ago
Just signed up and can't wait to get started!
Inspired by Greta Thunberg and Liz Pearce :)
Della Glein I just signed up as well!
  • 7 months ago
8 months ago
What more is there to say??? I LOVE Ridwell and have been trying to get more of my friends to use it. What a brilliant idea and my only critique is I wish they had more categories! Everytime I see plastic film, I get a small "ting" of joy to put it in my Ridwell bag.
Got plastic picked up for free and was so grateful! Look forward to seeing them expand their services.
10 months ago
I signed up based liz’s recommendation. I’ve been gathering for my first pick up. Their website is very helpful.
11 months ago
Recently signed up and have already had two pickups. The plastic and threads bag is always full and Iove the rotating categories like back to school supplies, non perishable food etc.
11 months ago
Happy customer since they rolled out.
11 months ago
Signed up for Ridwell last month and I love their service! Makes my hippy heart happy to know that they are recycling plastic and other things that can't get recycled curbside.
12 months ago
We just signed up for Ridwell and are so excited about it. The kids are even getting involved! I love not feeling guilty about disposing of plastic film, batteries, and more the wrong way. Phew.
Karina Kunins I just signed up! YAY!
  • 12 months ago
Liz Pearce Whoohoo! That's awesome! Ryan Metzger FYI - more love from Fresh Chalkers :)
  • 12 months ago
Gina Tran just signed up too!!
  • 11 months ago
Omar Shahine They are fantastic. So enamored by how great this is. The rotating themes are great.
  • 10 months ago
about 1 year ago
I honestly think everyone in the city should use their services- genius! They take plastic film, batteries, clothing and lightbulbs every 2 weeks with a special rotating category to help a non profit group in need! Highly, highly recommend.
about 1 year ago
We love the service, they are so nice and make it very easy.
over 1 year ago
So, Ridwell is awesome. Since our municipal garbage and recycling systems won't dispose of a lot of stuff you need to get rid of -- batteries, lightbulbs, and most of all, plastic film -- I used to keep that stuff stashed up until finally we'd have to spend a Saturday bringing it to the appropriate places. But Ridwell comes and picks it up for you, disposes of it responsibly, and is really priced. They also, as a bonus, pick up something else each month that you may need to dispose of, such as used kids gear that you've been meaning to bring to the Goodwill. They make sure it gets re-used responsibly. What's more, the price is really reasonable (less than municipal garbage costs us, by my calculation). So they combine giving me back my Saturday with making me feel a little bit less bad about all our waste. And easy on the wallet. HIGHLY recommend.
over 1 year ago
Ridwell is great for the things that you can't recycle any other way. Have been using them for a few months and it's a great service.
over 1 year ago
Great way to responsibly recycle old batteries, build and those guilt-inducing styrofoam blocks. Local business, just getting started.
over 1 year ago
Ridwell is a great service that lets you recycle plastics and other material that would otherwise be trashed in a landfill.

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Ridwell helps people responsibly recycle products that can't (or really shouldn't) be put into your garbage, regular recycling, or yard waste bins. Learn more in our profile of Ridwell CEO Ryan Metzger.

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