The Library Co. Bar & Kitchen
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6 months ago
I took my kids and my boyfriend there for his birthday last night. I wish I had gotten the name of the waitress, she was a taller brunette...very nice, but this was the worst service I've ever had. We ordered and got beers...45 minutes go by without the waitress checking in at all. We ended up ordering more beers from someone random who walked by, it was only then our waitress comes back to check on us, keep in mind it's been an hour now. She tells us our food will be out in 5 minutes. Fast forward another 30 minutes and finally our waitress comes back again and says our ticket never printed in the kitchen and so it was never cooking. They put it in and asked if they could cook ours first.....ASKED?? Gee, thanks we've only been waiting 1 1/2 hours daughter is crying my boyfriend is pissed. He says we should leave a $20 for the drinks and just walk out. I talk him into not doing that, but we grab a waitress saying we are leaving and we don't want our food. Our waitress comes back after 20 minutes and says the food is coming out now so we decide to take it to go...she says she can't comp anything but will discount something. We end up getting $10 lousy dollars off our $85 ticket...2 hours and an almost completely absent waitress and we get a $10 discount. I wish I would have refused to pay, told them to shove it and left. I will never go back here again!
over 2 years ago
We went lunch at the Library and was totally blown away by the friendly service and fantastic food. We ordered bbq wings for an appetizer. The wings took longer than expected and were served at the same time as our burger and fish. The server apologized and the kitchen added a few extra wings to the order. They had great flavor, were served hot and with lots of shipping sauce! Perfect! My son loved his burger and my fish and chips were delish!