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Troy Dennis

Magnolia • Seattle, WA
I live in Magnolia. I work on digital products. I love technology, cooking, gardening, running, fly fishing, spending time with my family and partnering with my wife on buy/hold real estate projects.
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Troy Recommends


Blendtec Blender
The Blendtec Blender is not just a blender and should not be confused with others on the market. It's part of our everyday lives and we use it 3-5 times per week. Sure, there are many ongoing debates online about Blendtec vs. Vitamix, but we are fans of Blendtec. We bought a Blendtec many years ago and have amassed thousands of blends (I know b/c the counter tells me). Raw fruits or vegetables never go to waste in our house. We simply throw them in the freezer and directly into the Blendtec. It's also a great way to get raw vegetables (spinach, kale, etc.) into your kids. Simply add it to their favorite smoothie and they won't know the difference. We only make whole fruit and vegetable smoothies with no extra sugar. The result isn't grainy or overly sweet. We also had great customer support. After years of use the pitcher had a small crack in it and the digital display on the base began to flicker. We simply called Blendtec and they replaced the pitcher and the base with no questions and no charge.
Hoka Running Shoes
Running Shoes
I switched to Hoka shoes about 18 months ago, which both my wife and I swear by. I have a friend who is an ultra-marathon runner and also loves Hoka.
Mueller Austria Immersion Blender
Although you won't get the super creamy texture like you would from a Blendtec, the immersion blender is a must-have for all kitchens. Whether making pesto, pizza sauce, soup or milkshakes, the immersion blender is a really quick, convenient and easy-to-clean tool. It's also really hand given its portability - we take ours on overnight trips as it replaces the blender for many blending tasks.
Speed Queen Washer and Dryer
Washing Machine
We own a few rental properties and there is no better washer/dryer to install than Speed Queen. They are most often known for the commercial washers and dryers they build, but they are great for residential use as well. They do cost a little more, but the biggest benefit we've noticed is their longevity and we attribute (at least part of it) to the absence of digital displays. We buy the washers/dryers with analog dials which means there are fewer pieces to break.


A Toms Sewer & Drain
A Tom's cleared a sewer/drain blockage and was able to complete the project quickly and at a reasonable price. I would hire them again.
A-One Glass
Moyad and his brother did another fantastic job doing some window work (replacing a window panel) at our house in Magnolia. Moyad even came back a second time to replace some putty missing in some of the windows. They are so punctual, kind, reasonable!
Albert Lee Major Appliances
My great grandmother used to buy all her appliances at Albert Lee in Magnolia. My grandparents did the same while they lived here. My wife and I are following tradition, but not because of tradition, but price and service. We just purchased 4 sets of range, dishwasher, refrigerator, hood (all GE stainless) during their warehouse sale and we got great prices on all of them - much better pricing than HD or Lowes.
Appliance Hospital
We've hired Appliance Hospital a couple of times to service our washer/dryer in our rental property. They were able to respond/address quickly (important to the tenants and us) and the price was reasonable.
CertaPro Painters of North Seattle
A few years ago we had CertaPro paint our Magnolia rental property. We got proposals from 3 other companies, but decided on CertaPro. They did a really nice job and the price was reasonable. We are now considering their south-end counterparts paint our rental property in Puyallup.
Cougar Construction & Roofing
We haven't actually used them yet, but they are top of our list once we decide to move on the roof repair.
Eazy Electric
Erik installed a bathroom, grounded outlet for us in our rental property in Magnolia and he was quick and offered a great price.
Great Floors
We've used Great Floors (in SoDo) a couple times now and they offer really competitive pricing and service as well. We were able to get flooring at 30% lower cost than we found at HD or Lowes. Our sales associate (Mike?) offered us a discount before we even asked for one.
Hubby Dave for Hire
We hired Hubby Dave to do some light handyman work on our Magnolia rental. The work included replacing a faucet and replacing a couple light fixtures.
New Life Plumbing
Mike at New Life Plumbing replaced all our plumbing from one side of the home to the bathroom on the other side. There was a leak in the bath area and we felt replacing a large portion was the best option. He did a great job and the price was good.
Parker Henry Glass & Storefront Inc.
We had an unexpected shatter of one of our large deck glass panels in our Magnolia home. This obviously poses a safety risk for our kids so we had Parker Henry install additional reinforcements on all glass panels to avoid future problems. They did a great job.
Pius Kitchen & Bath
We just started working with Pius Kitchen & Bath. They came highly recommended to us by our builder/investor friend and they are giving us great pricing on cabinets and engineered quartz for our rental properties. Much better service and pricing than Lowes or HD.
Price Busters Plumbing
We really enjoyed working with Beau, Alex and Zach from Price Busters Plumbing. They were thorough, honest, clear and did a great job on our sewer replacement. It was a big job, but he had 100% confidence in their work. Highly recommend.
Rainbow of Magnolia Landscaping
We've uses Rainbow several times and they also completed a large landscape project on the hillside of our property. They are great to work with and always accommodating!
Scapes and Spaces
Mike and the Scapes and Spaces team does excellent work! Full disclosure: he is my brother and I am biased. That said, I've hired their team many times to do work on our properties. Mike cares so much about the quality of work they do. Please reach out if you want more information. I am happy to share more about my brother and the work he does!
Sean the Handyman
Sean did a small fence addition to our rental home in Magnolia. He was quick, thorough, did quality work with a nice price.
Seattle Bathtub Guy
We hired Seattle Bathtub Guy in 2017 to refinish an old bathtub to factory finish. The tub had a lot of stains due to the use of bleach on it. By the time he was done, the tub looked like new.
Tacoma Sewer Scope Inc.
Tacoma Sewer Scope did a full scope on the sewer at our 4plex in Puyallup. They showed up with only 1-2 days notice and completed the project quickly.
United Home Services
We've worked with Shaun and Michael from United Home Services twice now, repairing/replacing chimneys on two different homes. They also cleaned our dryer vents twice. They are great to work with, have reasonable prices and always squeeze us in!
Tree Service
Vitalitree removed a large plum tree we had on our lot. They did a nice job and the price was reasonable.
Washington Asbestos Testing LLC
Environmental Testing
Brandee recently did asbestos testing as part of the restoration work on our 4plex in Puyallup. He has been great to work with and the results came back negative!


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