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Hoka Running Shoes

$100 – 200
Hoka Running Shoes

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about 16 hours ago
I bought Hokas after seeing so many recommendations from other Fresh Chalkers. At first I was a little put off by how wide the base of the shoe is, but the comfort and stability it provides makes up for it. I tend to pronate quite a bit and these seem to help. I had also been experiencing some knee pain in my last pair and it's all but disappeared with these. I'm hooked!
Omar Shahine Yep, they look strange but feel great.
  • about 13 hours ago
about 20 hours ago
I ordered these after a recommendation on Fresh Chalk. I have only ran in them a couple times, each time indoors. Haven't tested them outside yet but so far they are proven to be worth the purchase. They will stay in my shoe toolbox for sure.
3 months ago
I was an Asics girls since junior high. Eight years ago I got planter fasciitis and it was suggested I try this new brand of running shoes called Hoka. They were really bulky looking (reminded me of moon boots), but I didn't care, because I needed the support. Once my foot healed I tried to go back to my old brand, but Hoka won me over. I'm been running in Hokas ever since. The good news is they look way better now:)
Ali White MacBeth As a runner with PF I'm thinking of changing from my Brooks running shoes to Hoka. Is there a place you like to buy your shoes?
  • 3 months ago
Amy Posner Wolff I like Shoes-n-Feet, but Super Jock and Jill is also great and closer to you.
  • 3 months ago
Jeff Meder I also get PF from time to time. I also have a heel spur, so walking around the house in socks or bare feet is a no no. Chicks sells a great slipper made by Haflinger. They have arch support that you don’t find in a slipper. I wear them year round. They also make a model to wear outdoor.
  • about 2 months ago
Tera Probst Love my Hoka hiking boots. Have two pairs. Super cushy!
  • about 1 month ago
3 months ago
I switched to Hoka shoes about 18 months ago, which both my wife and I swear by. I have a friend who is an ultra-marathon runner and also loves Hoka.
3 months ago
I love Hoka One One shoes -- highly recommend them.
Ali White MacBeth Do you recommend a certain retailer or site to purchase them from.
  • 3 months ago
6 months ago
I started wearing Hoka running shoes while training for my first marathon, needing an alternate pair of shoes for low training days. These shoes change the way your foot hits the ground, changing your stride in a subtle way that helps you spread impact across more muscle groups to prevent overuse injury. They're now my regular running shoe. I love them.
Meredith Fife That's great, which style do you use? I had a pair a few years ago and I keep thinking it's time to go back. These knees aren't getting any younger...
  • 6 months ago
Lindsay Pedersen I wear the Clifton 2 - the podiatrist I used to see recommended them based on my foot shape, so it might depend on that...
  • 6 months ago
Liz Pearce Lindsay Pedersen I bought these based on your rec and they just arrived! I'm kind of surprised at how big of a footprint they have, but they feel very supportive. I assume I will run twice as fast in these. Did they take a long time to break in?
  • 4 months ago
Troy Dennis Liz Pearce Embarrassed to admit publicly, but...honestly, the one thing that kept me from buying Hokas early on was how they looked (big and chunky) since I relegate old running shoes to everyday shoes once they reach end-of-running-life. Once I overcame my own insecurities (quickly, btw!), I bought a pair and have never looked back. My wife and I both love them.
  • 3 months ago
recommended by Lisa Dolan, Piper Casey
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