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Matthew Berk

Capitol Hill • Seattle, WA
Father, husband, technologist, coffee lover.
Connected with Bean Box

Matthew Recommends


Bean Box Coffee Sampler
Skip over the part where I'm a founder. There's a ton of community good that happens when you give a Bean Box: local coffee roasters and microlot coffee farmers throughout the world all benefit directly. And for the gift recipient, they're in for something very special....
Breville Smart Grinder Pro
Coffee Grinder
When it comes to grinders, I admit I'm spoiled. But at home, this has been my go-to grinder for years, for three reasons: it's fast; it's consistent; and it generates the least amount of static I've ever seen in a grinder. The last point is super important to me, as one of my pet peeves is remnant coffee dust.
Chemex Ottomatic Coffee Maker 2.0
Coffee Maker
I use my Ottomatic every single day. The coffee is as delicious as when I do a pourover by hand, but it does all the work. Even better, it keeps the brew warm for later.
Osaka Stainless Steel Filter
Coffee Filter
Right now there's a run on Chemex paper filters, so this has been a lifesaver. But going forward, I'm making this a standard, since it's far less wasteful, and therefore better for the environment.
Oxo Precision Scale
This inexpensive scale is a must-have for coffee lovers. 50 grams in the morning for me and my wife, and 25 grams later in the day to taste samples. Unlike every other anti-aesthetic scale I've owned, this is sleek and compact, and looks great next to my brewing setup.
Oxo Tea Infuser Basket
Tea Infusers
I'm new to tea, but there's something about using these that actually makes me _want_ to brew more. Unlike almost all of the tea accessories I've owned previously, they don't remind me of being at Bubbie's. In a pinch, they can also be used to brew up a super strong cup of coffee





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