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4 months ago
Hydro Flask Water Bottles work really well and are not overly expensive
5 months ago
the best and most affordable ones
7 months ago
Our whole family loves everything Hydro Flask! From water bottles to the tumblers, they are awesome! The water bottles can be used for hot or cold drinks and are super portable and don't leak (huge plus when throwing in your purse or backpack!) The tumblers are a family favorite to keep your beer or cocktail cold, but not your hand! Makes you want them in every color ;)
8 months ago
There is no better water bottle IMO than my Hydro Flasks - whether I am working out or out with my kids, the ice & water stays cool for hours - even overnight. Must have & a great Christmas gift because they last so long & come in multiple sizes with multiple lid options!
9 months ago
a great water bottle that keeps thing cold for awhile
10 months ago
10 months ago
I Love this product, it keeps my water cold literally all day! my ice even stays in there!!
Brittany Menestrina I love how you can customize them!
  • 9 months ago
10 months ago
If you aren't from my generation this joke won't make sense BUT, what's the plural version of hydroflasks... hydroflasksksk (haha, I enjoy the hydro flask it keeps my beverages cool)
12 months ago
Love my hydro flask keeps my water cold all day long!
about 1 year ago
i absolutely love my hydroflask, its durable and keeps my water cold almost all day long!
about 1 year ago
Cute waterbottle!
about 1 year ago
We've gathered quite the collection of these in our home. Love their durability and numerous colors and designs.
over 1 year ago
I love my Hydro Flask from Ska Brewery in Colorado, to bad my daughter keeps stealing it!
over 1 year ago
A very sturdy bottle that withstands multiple drops! I like that it holds a decent amount too and is easy to wash.
Lindsey S Love hydroflasks!
  • over 1 year ago
over 1 year ago
I love my hydroflask. I hate drinking water that isn't ice cold so this is a must
over 1 year ago
You always need to stay hydrated and drink water during the day, and especially when you practice yoga. I prefer the Hydro Flask water bottle because I love the design. They come in a few different mouth sizes and tons of different colors, so you customize your HydroFlask to find the perfect fit one just for you.

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over 1 year ago
I'm a huge fan of Hydroflasks. It might not be as big as you're looking for, but these are my favorite water bottles!
over 1 year ago
I love my Hydro Flask for coffee. It keeps the coffee hot all day! Without a doubt, best thermos!
over 1 year ago
This well loved Hydro Flask has traveled, climbed mountains and over all been by my side for over five years. It has never failed me.
over 1 year ago
I picked up five Hydro Flasks to replace our motley collection of decrepit water bottles. I even tossed my beloved Nalgene. Top pick on Wirecutter. I paid around $30 a pop direct from Hydro Flask. Very happy so far, well worth the money.

Specifically we got the 21oz standard mouth in five chipper colors. 21oz is the perfect size - plenty big enough and fits nicely into a cup holder. 18oz is fine for a kid size. Don't get the 24/32 unless you really need something huge. The construction is sturdy and feels solid. The lid is easy to twist, even for the kids. The opening has a pleasing curve that makes for easy drinking. Like most water bottles these guys aren't dishwasher safe. Personally I'm happy to wash once a week using soapy water, or perhaps a bottle brush if I'm feeling ambitious.

Major upgrade!
over 1 year ago
Have you ever thought about how many plastic water bottles you use in a month? How about a year? That's a scary thought, right? Invest in a Hydro Flask! They are insulated, reusable water bottles, coffee mugs...both hot and iced, and more. They come in many different sizes and styles for all your hydration needs, as well as a rainbow of color options. I personally have over 7 different ones. They are all unique for their shapes, kind of like us! They also offer accessories too! Such as lids with straws(Reusable), the sport-cap, and a rubber bumper for the bottom. When these first came out, people felt indifferent about them because one drop and it would dent the bottom. Now these bumpers are available and are truly life changing. Go save the world and use one less plastic bottle daily!
over 1 year ago
I love ice cold water. Hydro Flask is the only water bottle where I can fill it up with ice at night and then still have ice in the morning. If you're fanatical about having the coldest water, Hydro Flask is the way to go.


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