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Purple Mattress

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over 1 year ago
My daughter loves hers
about 2 years ago
Love my purple mattress, what else is there to say?
over 2 years ago
i cannot say enough good things. we recently just decided to upgrade our mattress and this has been amazing! its so comfortable and i dont wake up sore from sleeping on an old/uncomfy matress anymore. i have been getting much better sleep since upgrading to the purple mattress
over 2 years ago
I love love love my purple mattress! It is so comfy and I look forward to sleeping every night! I have never had a problem and I have had it for 3 years!
over 2 years ago
I always thought I'd be a forever fan of a pillowtop, but I was converted to a Purple lover last summer. I was reluctant and it did take a few months to get adjusted to it (mostly because I felt like I was levitating), but now I would never go back. The price tag can seem scary, but you sleep at least 7 years of your life away, might as well have the best of the best
over 2 years ago
I definitely had to trust friends (& the internet) even more than usual for this purchase. This is the first time I've bought a mattress without physically going to a store. I've tried several Tempur-pedic and foam mattresses over the years, but they all retain too much heat to work well for me. Between this mattress staying cooler and its "grid" supporting my lower back more comfortably, it's been fantastic.
Patrick O'Donnell We're in the market for a new mattress. Did you go with the basic model, or the "hybrid premier"? Also, does their delivery bring it into your house, or just leave it rolled up at the front door?
  • over 2 years ago
Ian Jones I just got the basic model (queen size). It wasn't brought in, but the package is fairly compact and easy to carry with two people, and after unrolling it was ready immediately.
  • over 2 years ago
Troy Dennis We bought a Casper mattress a few years ago and have never looked back. We are about to buy another one for one of our kids. FWIW, Patrick O'Donnell, when Skarpi H built his new house a few years ago, he decided to outfit all the bedrooms with Casper! Bonus: they have a sale going on now for 2019 models.
  • over 2 years ago
almost 3 years ago
This was my first "grown up" mattress purchase. I actually had some money to spend, did a ton of research, and ended up with my dream mattress. It's extremely comfortable—I pretty much melt into it every night. It has temperature regulating technology, which is very important to my partner and I because he's a very hot sleeper. And as someone who has a lot of hip pain, this has been a really great change because their grid design alleviates pressure from my hips. I love my bed!
recommended by Katie Taylor