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Kristy Morrison
almost 2 years ago • Seattle

Christmas Light install Burien/White Center area?

Hi all - a couple years ago we hired someone to install our Christmas lights. He never came back so short story is...they're still up. Looking to hire someone to replace them and hopefully, also come back and take them down after Christmas. Everyone seems to be so busy and I'm not hearing back from anyone. Any recommendations?

We have pretty tall tudor with steep roof lines or I'd climb up there myself.
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almost 2 years ago - Annabeth knows someone and is an awesome Home Service support!
almost 2 years ago
Thanks Amy Pennington shot her an email yesterday.
almost 2 years ago
Brett of Holiday Light Display is a go to for many homes. Love his persona!
almost 2 years ago
I’ve got some availability let of my schedule please feel free to reach out.
Also can submit a request at
almost 2 years ago