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Michelle Flandreau
21 days ago • Queen Anne
HVAC Repair
Hi - We built a house 2.5 years ago and our air conditioner has never worked correctly. Let me know if you have a good/ trustworthy HVAC repair contact. Thank you.
6 replies
6 days ago
We had our furnace replaced ~8 years ago (Carrier gas forced air) by M&M Comfort Systems in Bellevue. No major repairs but annual maintenance. Pleasant experience every year. Now if you want stay really local, Reed Wright Heating on QA Ave has been around for 80 years and on first glance has positive reviews.
Electrician - Queen Anne
  • 20 days ago
Highly recommend Al, the owner, is one of the nicest men - just wants his customers to be happy.
  • 20 days ago
We've had great results from
  • 20 days ago
Blue Flame installed my AC and does maintenance - they do a good job
  • 20 days ago
Second Blue Flame, though we had a furnace issue not and AC one. Solved our issue with great service and attitude. Totally earned their money!
  • 8 days ago
Try Fox Plumbing and Heating
HVAC - South Park
  • 6 days ago

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