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Sanjay Puri
29 days ago • Bellevue
Installing air-conditioning
After 19 years in Seattle, it seems like we'll need to bite the bullet and install air-conditioning this
summer (thank you Coronavirus). Any recommendations on where to start?
6 replies
27 days ago
Blue Flame installed mine last spring and it's working like a charm.
  • 29 days ago
Thanks Liz Pearce !
  • 29 days ago
We've been super happy customers of Greenwood Heating and Plumbing, both for furnaces as well as air conditioning.
HVAC - Industrial District
  • 29 days ago
Greenwood Hearing and Plumbing did mine as well. Very happy with the results!
HVAC - Industrial District
  • 29 days ago
I've had Bob's do 2 houses I own and they did an excellent job on both. They are my "go to" guys for any HVAC work. Bigger company, but they treat you right.
  • 27 days ago
These are all good choices. I'd also recommend Energy Works. Get bids from a few, you won't regret the extra time!
  • 28 days ago

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