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Chinar Bopshetty
about 2 months ago • Bellevue
Looking for upcyclers
We’ve bought a 38 year old home that could do with minor updates and where possible I am keen to upcycle and reuse materials vs. throwing stuff away. I am looking for someone with an eye and skill for upcycling.
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about 2 months ago
Hi, Chinar Bopshetty! I'm working on helping you find someone but am wondering if you can share a few more details. Do you have specific projects in mind? Is this more about furniture or upgrading the surfaces or other aspects of the home?
  • about 2 months ago
Liz Pearce , I’m looking at updating the surfaces and fittings, some examples include: updating vanities in the powder room/bathrooms (incl. mirrors and light fittings); updating medicine cabinets, kitchen cabinets, doors (all without replacing with new ones wherever possible).
Also note: I’m specifically looking for someone with experience/skill in upcycling and reusing what’s already in the home and/or using upcycled items from other sources.
  • about 2 months ago
Thanks for the extra info. This is a surprisingly tough recommendation to find! I did find one person, Vidal Bitton, who does a number of upcycling projects, but most are more along the lines of furniture built from reclaimed materials. He might be a good person to chat with, though -- his # is 206-571-5896. Our team will keep looking, though... there has to be someone out there who does this.
  • about 2 months ago
Thanks so much Liz Pearce , this is helpful already. I have a feeling that I’ll need to work with someone who does other upcycling projects and is open to projects of the kind I need help with. I’ll connect with Vidal. If you find others like him, send their contacts my way.
  • about 2 months ago
I would check out @seriouslyhappyhomes Sara Eizen and @atmosphericdesign - they have all done a variety of design and work with what clients have as well as fill in the blanks.
Interior Designer
Interior Designer - Wedgwood
Interior Designer - Wallingford
  • about 2 months ago

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