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Linda Lowry
26 days ago • Seattle
O+ Blood Donors Needed!
Bloodworks NW, a non-profit and first responder that services 90+ local hospitals is in need of O+ blood donors. O+ blood supply has dropped by over 40% since the beginning of June, leaving us with less than a 48 hour supply. In the last two weeks, our local hospitals needed over 600 more units of O+ than what was donated. O Positive is the most common blood type, accounting for about 35% of the U.S. population. Make your blood donation appointment today at
One hour of your time will save three lives! This is a safe and essential activity. #StrongerTogether
Nonprofit - First Hill
4 replies
25 days ago
Just booked an appointment using that link. So super fast and easy!
  • 25 days ago
Thank you Susan!!! Your blood donation will save 3 lives!
  • 25 days ago
Thank you Susan Stocker! Linda Lowry Can you share what COVID precautions Bloodworks has in place when you donate?
  • 25 days ago
Bloodworks has posted information addressing questions and concerns for blood donors at Blood donation takes about an hour from registration to post-donation refreshment. Information about who can donate and where, is available at
  • 25 days ago

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