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Marston Gould
28 days ago • Seward Park
Stucco repair
Okay - this one might stump people. I'm looking for someone who hand repair stucco. This would be to patch very old stucco ceiling (probably 80+ years old) that is in our outside brick portico. There are a couple of sections about 6' x 2" each that I need to have stucco added to blend with existing. I think this might be an entry point for rats.
2 replies
27 days ago
@SarahHenry @SaraEizen @BrettFarrington Do you guys know anyone who does this type of work?
  • 27 days ago
Hmmm? I think @SarahHenry will know someone. Only person I can think of is @DawnBassett with @PrussianBlue as she does incredible venetian plaster work. Good luck @Marston
Furniture - Leschi
  • 27 days ago

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