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Melinda Lane
about 1 month ago • Madison Park

Who wants to admit they've had Botox?

Buehler? Buehler...?

I have lines that look like the number eleven emerging between my eyes. (Lines? Okay okay...wrinkles!) They make me look worried, or perturbed about aging, perhaps.

Considering Botox, but given the prospect of a needle full of toxins anywhere near my face, a personal recommendation seems like a particularly good idea.
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about 1 month ago
I haven't had it but will admit to considering it :)
  • about 1 month ago
I get it and I love it! I had the 11 in between my eyes and it made me look worried and/or angry and, since I am not repping Hunger Games, I wanted them gone 😂

Alma Aesthetica is AMAZING! She also does beautiful, beautiful lips. Her Instagram is seattleinjector (Sarah Fowler, RN).

Blue Haven also does beautiful work with Botox and Dr. Ben for lips. He is also the best person for filler ever. He does not bruise you and uses a special cannula technique. If you get bruised, you can go back in the next day at no charge and get the bruise lasered off.

Simplicity MedSpa is great for Botox and can usually get you in quickly. She often has specials. Deb is a gem.
Skin Care
Spa - Ravenna
  • about 1 month ago
I asked my aesthetician for you (see my updated review of her: Calico Healthy Skin & Waxing in Fremont, I just got a facial yesterday and feel divine)... She suggests Katherine at Skin Spirit in U Village.
Skin Care - Fremont
Skin Care - University District
  • about 1 month ago
Great! Thanks Fresh Chalkers!
  • about 1 month ago
I’ve used skin spirit and Bellevue laser (dr Chui). I love my Botox!
  • about 1 month ago
Joanne at Pelage in Issaquah is amazing!
  • about 1 month ago
I go to Dr Allison Hughes in Mercer Island. I LOVe her! And I get Xeomen not Botox brand. I find it worked better on me. I do not regret it ever. 😘
  • about 1 month ago

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