Ancient Arts Holistic Veterinary Services
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Ancient Arts Holistic Veterinary Services

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almost 3 years ago
Ancient Arts has been my saving grace! Dr. Regis helped my senior kitty live pain-free in her final year, and Dr. Rewers has been helping my two new kittens through some very challenging health issues. I cannot say enough about this place - I would be lost without them. Their approach is to get to the bottom of the issue vs. throwing a band-aid on it. They work closely with me to ensure I'm taking all the right steps to care for my furry babies in the best possible way.
over 3 years ago
Dr. Rewers offers excellent holistic support for your animals. She’s made life changing recommendations for my kitties. She goes above and beyond. My cat’s asthma was maintained thanks to acupuncture and herbs. Well worth the time + money.
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