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  • 4016 E Madison St, Seattle • Madison Park
    Liz Pearce - Jenya Katz and team are great. Easy to get in for basics like grooming, and you can tell they're really invested in their patients.
    Stephen Nash - The staff and doctors have consistently exceeded my expectations in the levels of care and concern they’ve had for my dogs for over eight years. I feel like I’m with family every time that I’m there.
    JoAnne Jaspan - The Vets, husband and wife team, Dr and Dr Katz are also the owners. They are both wonderful. Very caring and thorough. Located in Madison Park, a little more spendy than some of the other vets I've seen over the years- however, the level of care and service is top notch.
  • 909 E Thomas St, Seattle • Capitol Hill
    Erika Ramberg - Love all the vets and staff here. They treat my two pups with a ton of love and compassion, and they even have a doggie photo booth!
    Erin McCaul - We've been taking our pets to Urban animal for 5 years. The staff is professional and empathetic. Nothing but great things to say!
    Owen Bitas - Speedy and attentive
  • 8821 Aurora Ave N, Seattle • Greenwood
    Anne McGowan - My pets have always had the best care.
    Wesley Parker - Buddy loves them so what else matters? Fairly priced, easy to schedule, and convenient parking.
    Elizabeth Moffitt - Excellent care, good value.
  • 4700 42nd Ave SW 210, Seattle • West Seattle
    Shauna Causey - Great people and a high level of expertise. I've been so happy with West Seattle Animal Hospital.
    Steve Banfield - Wonderful care for our dogs and cats.
    CHaskell - I've been with Dr Johnson for about 15 years. He's helped me graduate from cats to dogs. His staff saw me through the adoption and end of life to my dog Kati. Without going into too much detail, she was a project. He and his staff listened to my issues and concerns, shared many helpful strategies and options, and were unbelievably compassionate when she had to be put down. They even sent me a card after. Everything about that place is a class act, and the staff seems to genuinely like one another.
  • 8300 Lake City Way NE, Seattle • Maple Leaf
    Dan Barrett - Karen is a great vet.
    Gabe Othman - Dr. Hofmann has been a wonderful guide to life with a new puppy, patiently handling our panicked calls any time our dog so much as sneezes. The staff are all very kind and you can tell they truly love animals.
    Jana Riggan - It's a Disneyland for animals. Dr. Hofman is the best!
    recommended by Tim Rih, Dave Laird, Masako Long
  • 5200 Wilson Ave S, Seattle • Seward Park
    JoAnne Jaspan - Caring, empathetic, knowledgeable docs and techs. If you're in or near Columbia City- these guys are great.
    Red Russak - Personable staff and great location.
    Charlie Hall - Four Paws took great care of my dog and cats. They follow up and do check in when your pet is recovering and their costs are reasonable. I was very impressed with their care especially when it's time to say goodbye to a four legged friend. Highly recommended.
    recommended by Benjamin Burrill, Henry Kiner
  • 1536 Eastlake Ave E, Seattle • Eastlake
    Steve Dossick - Great team with our dog.
    Adam Loving - They took great care of my dog for 11 years.
    Tysan Dutta - Wonderful staff. All the vets are great and the assisting staff are always so helpful
  • 5261 California Ave SW, Seattle • West Seattle
    Andrew Bohrer - I honestly don't know the name of my vet. I actually decided to go with this network because I was traveling so often that the ability to visit clinics all over Washington and Oregon was a big plus. Also, I switched to them after a previous vet seemed to suggest too many services, with odd pricing. VCA has been straightforward and organized, I've been happy with all of their Drs.
    recommended by Michael Mattmiller
  • 13240 Aurora Ave N, Seattle
    Chelsia Andreassen - Blue Pearl was amazing when I had to take my cat to the emergency vet!
    Dan Sundgren - I know it's a chain but man do they have it together. Super deep expertise, not cheap but it's your pet and they deserve the best care.
  • 1222 Republican St, Seattle • South Lake Union

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Hi! Anyone have dog rescue places that they've used to adopt their furry friend that are reputable? We looked into Ginger's Pet Rescue but we've fo...
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Last reply 3 months ago
Jennifer Haller You can start first by fostering, it’s a great way to find just the right forever dog. Dog Gone Seattle has a great foster-to-adopt program.
Brian Glaister We did that at Seattle Humane too. Were only supposed to have our pooch for a weekend and it's been over 3 years now and she is never going back... except when we stop at the mud bay store inside for treats on the way back from a hike at the pass 😁
Casey O'Donnell Pet Finder is amazing! Its super easy to use and we now have an amazing rescue puppy!