10 Best Aurora Gyms

  • 16921 E Quincy Ave, Aurora
    Victoria Grinde - I love this gym! I also love that it doesn't cost a mortgage payment to be a member. The gym is super clean. I love that you are able to get a good workout in without having to wait for someone to get off of a machine because they are playing on the phone. They have some really awesome classes available that are definitely worth checking out.
    Test Out - New equipment, great location by the freeway, and you can also get a tan and use the massage chair. The staff is friendly and the monthly memberships are fair pricing!
    Esther Kast - For $9.99 a month, this gym is the best. Being an older lady, gyms tend to be intimidating. But our Vasa is great! It's clean and the staff seem to really care about helping their customers.
  • 24300 E Smoky Hill Rd 134, Aurora
    Victoria Grinde - The workouts are very high quality and everyone brings their best energy. Best place to keep your motivation up!
    recommended by Katherine Moskal
  • 6554 S Parker Rd, Aurora
    Victoria Kast - I love everything about Orange Theory! Just walking in makes you feel like you accomplished a ton. I love the workout and how you stay motivated throughout the whole time.
  • 512 S Chambers Rd, Aurora
    Victoria Grinde - I both worked and became a member at this location. Best times to go, midday during the week and early morning on the weekend. Super clean. Love the pool! Basketball court is really well kept.
  • 15270 E Hampden Ave, Aurora
    Victoria Grinde - This gym is amazing! Very clean. Staff is great!
  • 17890 E Steamboat Ave Bldg 35, Aurora
    Victoria Grinde - If you are able to access this gym (because it is on base) it's one of my favorite places to workout. It has everything you need and is very clean!
  • 3460 S Fairplay Way, Aurora
    Victoria Grinde - If we lived closer we would have kept my daughter here! She started going to Achieve at 6mn for their open gym sessions and then as soon as she was old enough to join the classes, we enrolled her! She went there for close to 5 years! Great place. Wonderful staff!
  • 13730 E Mississippi Ave, Aurora
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  • 15141 E Mississippi Ave, Aurora District
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  • 15900 E Briarwood Circle, Aurora
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