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Best Aurora Wellness Pros

  • 16921 E Quincy Ave, Aurora
    Victoria Grinde - I love this gym! I also love that it doesn't cost a mortgage payment to be a member. The gym is super clean. I love that you are able to get a good workout in without having to wait for someone to get off of a machine because they are playing on the phone. They have some really awesome classes available that are definitely worth checking out.
    Mariella Tamayo - New equipment, great location by the freeway, and you can also get a tan and use the massage chair. The staff is friendly and the monthly memberships are fair pricing!
    Esther Kast - For $9.99 a month, this gym is the best. Being an older lady, gyms tend to be intimidating. But our Vasa is great! It's clean and the staff seem to really care about helping their customers.
  • 3571 S Tower Rd Ste A, Aurora
    Victoria Grinde - Jared is your go-to for the best deep tissue massage. I go to him once a month or so for two hours and come out feeling amazing. I have a bad shoulder and he works wonders!
    Esther Kast - This location has some of the most amazing massage therapists! I signed up for the wellness program and go once a month.
  • 6150 S Main St, Aurora
    Victoria Grinde - A friend of mine and his family own this shop. You're able to buy or rent an electric bike! They are so much fun! They are great with helping you choose the best bike for you! We have rented a few times. SO MUCH FUN!
    Esther Kast - My husband and I love renting e-bikes from Pedego. Lots of great paths/trails to ride around that aren't far from this bike shop. Great store and employees are the best.
  • 2802 S Havana St, Aurora
    Victoria Grinde - We love this bike store. They literally have everything you need when it comes to biking. We have purchased each of my kids' bikes from here, starting from their Stryders to our daughter's big-girl bike.
    Michael Sampson - Lots of options here and a helpful staff. Would go back.
    recommended by Doug Frosh
  • Victoria Grinde - The yoga works out your body while Kady's amazing words nurtures your soul. It is fun, welcoming, and most of all the best way to get your workout in. I never liked yoga until I completed the Drake yoga class and now I can't stop!
    recommended by Lara Marie
  • 2601 S Parker Rd, Aurora
    David Grinde - This place is a small, hole-in-the-wall golf shop but the owner keeps it stocked. They are pretty good about having the newest and top-quality gear for golfing. They also have ski gear so my wife doesn't get so mad when I go since I usually get her something new to add to her ski gear collection.
  • 4361 S Parker Rd, Aurora
    Victoria Grinde - My husband got his Fat Bike here. Staff was amazing and helped us pick the bike that was the best for him! They fit him to the bike and made sure that we are 100% happy before we left the store.
  • 25791 E Smoky Hill Rd 80, Aurora
    Victoria Grinde - Went in to Blue Sky for the first time yesterday. Very clean. Staff is very friendly and professional. Will visit again!
  • 24300 E Smoky Hill Rd 134, Aurora
    Victoria Grinde - The workouts are very high quality and everyone brings their best energy. Best place to keep your motivation up!
    recommended by Katherine Moskal
  • 6554 S Parker Rd, Aurora
    Victoria Kast - I love everything about Orange Theory! Just walking in makes you feel like you accomplished a ton. I love the workout and how you stay motivated throughout the whole time.


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Elissa Tompkins
5 months ago • Boulder
Any recommendations on a good muscle massage gun?
1 reply
Emma Beyer
9 months ago • Hilltop
Pros and cons? How often do you use it? Not sure yet if I want to get it yet. Are you using it for training?
3 replies